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Computerized screening methods.

                                        Leeuwarden, April 3, 1996.

Dear reader,

I’m very curious about the use of computerized screening methods used
in the pathology laboratory worldwide, for cervix screening.

I want to collect the following data:

1. What kind of computerized screening method is used?

2. In which way is it used? (pre-screening or Quality Control).

3. For what period is it already in use? (experience).

4. What are the benefits of this method in your laboratory?

Please send your reply to:


Thanks in advance for your reply!


Coos Visser CT(IAC)
Laboratorium voor de Volksgezondheid Friesland
Jelsumerstraat 6
8917 EN Leeuwarden
Tel. **31-58-2939495
Fax  **31-58-2939200

E-mail: 100621.1…
BBS node#:  2:282/359   FIDO
           16:700/2     KatNet
           27:5331/6    SigNet
           50:100/3     GroNet
          111:3111/3    TechNet

COOSJER-BBS/FAX: **31-582-670887 (2k4/28k8,faxclass II).

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Help for polyarteritis nodosa

I need help in a case of "polyarteritis nodosa" that affects the hands of a seven-years old boy.
Could anybody give me some information about treatments, therapy, or anything else (even link on
the web) on this desease.

Please mail me at fa…

        Thanks, Fabio

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Variation in modern Talus, cuboid, calcaneus.

I am currently writing a bone analysis program, to identify
differences in shape of the pre/post Saxon talus, cuboid
and calcaneus.
Having no access to modern skeletal material, can anyone tell
me if there are any differences in the shapes of these bones
in members of the same race, or between races, apart from size,
in modern bones.
Also whether there are any papers published on differences in
the skeletal foot of modern populations.


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A newsgroup called has been created as a medium to
exchange information, and share experiences.  We are creating FAQs on various
thyroid problems, including Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Hyperthyroidism, and

Because alt groups are not relayed reliably, you may have to ask your system
administrator, or internet service provider to make this group available to
your newsreader.

Robert Tait

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fingerprints and identical twins

      Can anyone tell me if identical twins have identical fingerprints?  I
realize that identical twins have the same DNA, but I also have heard that
everyone has distinct, unique set of fingerprints.  So which is it?  Any help
would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance.
Keryn Plensdorf

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Hypothermia surgery

I don’t know much about or what this procedure is called
(that’s way I’m asking). But I’m looking for information
about operations that use hypothermia. I saw on some
show that, a person need an operation on a main artery.
The doctors lowered her body temp so low that everything
stops. The blood flow, heart and ever the electrical
activities of the brain. She was dead. Once the doctors
were done operating. They raised her body temp and soon
she was back alive. Everything working and with no
damage from the cold.
        My question is how it this done? How do they bring
them back? Does the heart start pumping again once the
body temp is rised or do they have to use a ‘defibrillator’ to
get the heart going?  Is there any side effects or dangers?
Any information would be great. I’m writing a report on this
and need as much information as I can and soon. If
anyone knows any books about this or Web site, please tell
me. Thank you.



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Treponema / Sequentiation / Pinta Disease


I’m working with a scientist / doctor at the university of Luebeck,
Germany. He is working on the sequentiation of specific bacterias to find
their evolutionary links and is looking for probes of:

Treponema carateum

Can  anybody help ?


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Immunohistochemistry: Technique Question

I’m doing some immunohistochemistry on paraformaldehyde fixed specimens.  
I have a question on the reagent that the primary and secondary antibodies
are made in.  These antibodies are from Peninsula Laboratories (they are
not on the Web, I’ve done a Lycos search).  The package insert says to mix
these antibodies in a PBS/Triton-X solution.  There is not a mention of
including a non-specific protein (such as non-fat milk or normal goat
serum or BSA, etc.).  I’m curious as to why most of the other techniques
using a primary and secondary antibody to detect a protein require that
both of the antibodies to be mixed up in a fairly high concentration of a
non-specific protein.  I’ve followed Peninsula’s directions and my
specimens had very poor signal to noise ratio.  Could it be that I should
have made these antibodies in a protein solution?  Email me back at


T. Chai

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Help in neurology!
I’m searching help to find a treatment for Francesco, age 29,
who is affected by a progressive paralyzation of legs and arms, before
upper limbs and now even lower limbs. In evolution since 1984, it may
be a disease of the second neuron of movement or an alteration of
encephalon in the frontal right side. He risks, without appropriate
treatment, an extension of the disease to vital muscles. Till today
nobody stabilized the real origin of the disease. The already made
clinic examinations are in the web address

if there is somebody, who is able to give him help, may send a mail to

or to

thanks,                 Lorenzo

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Corticotrophin releasing hormone

Does anyone know of a 125I RIA commercially available (for Australia) kit
for testing human corticotrophin releasing hormone?

      *       /~~~\  (  )
     *       {`#^#’} / /
    _*_       \ ^ / / /
    |o|        | | / /
    |o|             /
    \_/   Keep on testing until the tester’s testing is done!

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