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News updates on anti-infectives web site

Topical news summaries are now available for the month of December on
the Ket-On-Line Web Site for Infectious Disease Researchers and
Clinicians (  In addition to monthly
topical news summaries, the site includes a quiz game, information on
major medical meetings, links to other infectious disease sites, and

The quiz game is called Bacterial Pursuit.  A new infectious disease
question will be posted every month.  All players will have an
opportunity to receive a gift certificate for use at toward
the purchase of medical publications just for submitting an answer to
the question; a correct answer is not necessary to qualify (see game
for complete rules).  It’s easy to play: go to the Ket-On-Line Web site
home page (, click the “Bacterial Pursuit”
button and follow the simple instructions.

Become part of our moderated discussion group, a forum for high-level
interactions among infectious disease professionals, by clicking on
the “Discussion Group” button on the Ket-on-Line home page.  By joining
you will automatically receive periodic e-mail alerts when new topical
news summaries and Bacterial Pursuit questions are posted. Be sure to
bookmark and visit this site frequently to
receive the most current information on infectious disease.


Pharmaceutical Information Associates, Ltd

P: 215-949-0490
F: 215-949-2594

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Pediatric Radiology Digital Library update

Dear medical colleagues,

As part of an RSNA Scholar’s Grant, I have just completed revising and
expanding my pediatric radiology digital library,
( which is a catalog of the 139
pediatric radiology Web sites on the Internet.

The goal of is to turn the Internet into a
productive reference and teaching tool for radiologists practicing
pediatric radiology.

Several new features have just been added to

€ Search – you may now search the contents of just the pediatric radiology
sites on the Internet. The address is:

€ Common Pediatric Clinical Problems – for common pediatric clinical
problems you may now easily find:
a. Imaging approaches to them
b. How to perform common pediatric radiology procedures
c. Imaging appearances of common pediatric diseases. Here, the
MetaTextbook of Pediatric Radiology serves as a catalog of the 1,366
pediatric radiology teaching file cases on the Internet, drawn from 45
different teaching files, which cover 77% of the SPR’s Curriculum in
Pediatric Radiology for Radiology Residents. This can be found on the home

€ What’s New – If you are interested in learning of new pediatric
radiology Web sites or of significant changes to known pediatric radiology
Web sites, you may subscribe to a mailing list which will automatically
inform you of such changes once a month. Look at

I think this pediatric radiology digital library may be of use to you,
your fellows, your residents and your medical students. Feel free to use
it for reference and teaching.

All I ask for in return from you are your comments and feedback. After
using, please take a moment to fill out a comment
form at:

Finally, I would appreciate you notifying me of any new pediatric
radiology Web sites you may create in the future so I may catalog them.


Michael P. D’Alessandro, M.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Radiology
Children’s Hospital of Iowa

Michael P. D’Alessandro, M.D.                
Assistant Professor of Radiology, Children’s Hospital of Iowa
Digital Librarian-In-Chief and Architect      
  Virtual Hospital/Virtual Children’s Hospital/Virtual Naval Hospital              michael-dalessan…

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Career advice


    I was hoping if someone could give me some help or advice on finding a job. I currently work as an assistant pathologist at a local laboratory. I’m non-certified, and have learned by on-the-job training under an experienced pathologist for the past 3 years. Since I am not certified, I only work on "minor" specimens, while leaving the more complex ones for the pathologists to do. My eventual goal is to attend assistant pathology school, but until I get there, I want to learn as much as I can, building my experience and knowledge while I wait. To be accepted into the PA program, all schools require a BS degree, which I don’t have. I am 32, and have a BA degree in Philosophy and I am 1 year short of my BS in biology, but out of frustration at the educational system for undergraduate school. I quit my BS program and have not been to school for the past year. I know it might seem easier to just go back to school and finish my last year, but I don’t want spend more money just to sit in classes and be bored learning what will have little bearing on what I truly want to do. I now focus on my work, and I am serious about it to the point where I study anatomy and pathology in my spare time if you can believe that. I am hoping that my work experience at the lab combined with my prior degree and desire will suffice for the lack of a BS degree. My problem is that at my current job, I have "hit the wall" in terms of the learning curve, and I am looking to expand my horizons. The lab I work at rarely does autopsies, and this is where I want to move on to, so, I am looking for a job as an autopsy assistant. I am single and have no children, and would be willing to move anywhere in the country, from Washington to Florida, from Maine to California, just to have a job as one. I can pick and move in a few weeks notice. Money is not important (as long as I can eat and have a roof over my head in a fairly safe neighborhood), but gaining experience is. As you can see, my desire and determination are quite strong, but I know the jobs are few. I was wondering if anyone perhaps knows of any positions available where a non-certified applicant would be considered, or if anyone could give me any advice regarding my situation, and perhaps my next step. Thanks in advance,


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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

I am about to write a mini-thesis(10,000 words) on "The pathogenesis of
IBD", and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or tips for me:
ie how to go about it and good places to get information, even people I can
get in touch with about recent developments.
Darra Murphy.

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what tests should I have done?

My prostate fluid showed, under a microscope, white blood cells and little
specks that one doctor thought was bacteria and another doctor thought was
lecithin.   A urine specimen from right after the doctor pushed out the
prostate fluid showed no growth after 2 days but it did show leukocyte
esterase positive.

I’ve been on Cipro, 1000mg daily, for 30 days with no real improvement and
another prostate fluid sample looked just the same (i.e. white blood cells
and specks) after finishing my course of Cipro.

1) What type of tests should I have done to determine the type of infection?
I’m already going to insist on a fungal culture thanks to some of your help,
but what other types of tests should I request that are different from that
first standard culture media urine test?  A quick-and-easy test obviously
isn’t helping to show my infection.  For instance, Chlamydia is a
possibility but what specific type of test and culture media do I want to
request?   Please don’t say the docs know, because they don’t.   I want to
get all possible tests done at once so I don’t have to repeat the process of
providing fluid.

2) What should be done with the fluid?  Should a drop be smeared on a plate
of whatever solid medium?  Or should it be applied to a swab or dropped into
a liquid medium or ????

This is very frustrating for me that the doctors don’t seem to know what
tests should be performed to determine the type of infection I have.
Therefore, your help is really appreciated so I can request specific tests

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drug hair test

can you suggest me names of labs that test hair samples for presence
of drugs ?

Thank you


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Looking for a Used Freezing Tray for the AO-860 microtome……

        Any one have an extra used freezing tray for the AO-860 microtome they are willing to

Thank You

Best Regards

Joseph Passero

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Neuronal staining techniques


I am looking for background information on what types of neuronal staining
techniques are available with specific interest to anterograde and
retrograde labelling. I would be very grateful if anyone could help

Colin Nixon


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Cytogenetics and non-M.D.

Frequently cytogenetics studies (which can includes FISH; depending on
the institution) are "signed out" or approved by a non-M.D.  These "PhD
Pathologists" are board-certified in cytogenetics and are frequently the
most qualified to perform this function (for chromosome analysis).

On the subject of FISH testing for paraffin embedded tissue, however,
shouldn’t only board certified MD pathologists "sign out" reports for
clinicians?  I’m not sure how CLIA addresses this but as far as
HISTOLOGY procedures are concerned, I think you need an MD.  What is
your opinion?  thanks!

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HNPCC. Polyps?

Does HNPCC have polyps? I have a big Robbins, but doesn’t seem to
state it explicity or very well in the figures. Why is the N for Non-?

Anyone help a budding [sic] future pathologist?

All the best,

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