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Doctors and Nutrition in the USA – Opinions Wanted

Please excuse the cross-posting, I am attempting to garner responses
from a wide audience.

   Recently I got into a debate with a colleague about the competency
of MD’s in respect to their knowledge of nutrition and herbal
   My associate claims that MD’s recieve only the most basic training
about nutrition in medical school. He feels that MD’s are ignorant of
nutrition as a critical aspect of health, and that this mentality is
brought about by indoctrination into a culture that forces them to
proscribe only drugs to solve problems.
   I assert that MD’s recieve a resonable amount of nutritional
training and are very aware of it’s value in treating health issue.
Furthermore I’d say that most doctors are acutely aware of the balance
between nutrition and drugs, and for the most part, are always further
educating themselves on these subjects.
   My friend also insists that MD’s are taught exactly nothing about
herbal supplements.
   I submit that herbal supplements are drugs that the doctors
patients will certainly be exposed too. As such it is almost certain
that they are educated about the potentials and issues with the
current crop of herbal favorites. Furthermore I suspect that they stay
on top of new developments that arrive simply becuase it is a factor
in their patients health.
   My associate claims that doctors never proscribe herbal cures, even
if they believe them to be better than expensive drugs, becuase they
are brainwashed and bribed by the powerful pharmacutical industry.
   I am hard pressed to believe that the majority of human beings who
are doctors, would deny their patients the best care possible, to the
best of their knowledge.
   As an example I offered him the scenario; A doctor has a patient
that has a medical need. The doctor has a bucket full of samples from
a large pharmacutical company. The doctor is also aware that there is
an alternative herbal supplement that he genuinely feels is superior.
Will the doctor offer the patient the drug that he feels will better
serve the patient, or will he dismiss what he feels is better in favor
of handing out the sample from the drug company?
   My friend insists that the doctor would normally go with the sample
since he has been programmed to do so by the medical community and
bribed to so by the drug companies.
   I have serious doubts that people who devote thier lives to the
healing sciences will offer an inferior cure because they are
controlled by the large corporations.
   My associate also claims that doctors are brainwashed by large
pharmacutical corporations. He believes that these corporations
control the schools and produce the medical journals that educate the
   I submit that doctors are exposed to plenty of salesmanship from
the corporations. However, I also believe that doctors are taught
critical thinking skills. The medical sciences are surely influnenced
by the money of the corporations, however I feel that medical science
is not ‘controlled’ by them. While corpoations certainly do studies
that attempt to glorify their products, I think that modern medicine
is built on science. Impartial studies and peer review are what guides
science along. I do not beleive that there is some corporate
conspiracy that has taken control of the medical community. I believe
that most doctors care deeply about the welfare of their patients, and
about the advancement of medical sciences. I do not believe they are
more interested in supporting drug companies than these more humane

  I ask you:

Are doctors really ignorant of the importance of nutrition?

Are doctors really unaware of the issues and potentials surrounding
non-perscription supplements?

Are doctors ‘in league’ with large drug companies to the point that
they dismiss better cures, and instead knowingly proscribe inferior
drugs because they want to help their corporate friends? Have the
corporations taken over to the point that doctors and scientists are
no longer objective, but rather are just willing tools of their
corporate masters?

  My friend calls me naive. I feel that he is a bit paraniod and
conspiracy minded.

By all means, please relate your experiences and help us understand
the current state of affairs in the medical industry.

Thank you for any input you may offer.  :)

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Medicine/Biology – Image Analysis Software

Dear All,

We’ve got temporary problems with downloads at our web site

I apologize to those of you who failed to download our demo versions.
Please, direct all your requests, questions or comments to my e-mail


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Norwalk virus


Anyone know how the Norwalk virus induces vomiting in its victims? Is it by
causing infected cells to secrete a toxin, and if so what is it? Is there an
anti-toxin for it?

Sincerely, John de Rivaz: : : :

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seminal fluid

I have been searching on the web the composition of normal seminal fuild.
And most webpages about it list the same 30 some ingredients… What they do
not answer however is :
1) Should there be anything alive (i.e. moving ) in seminal fluid of a
healthy male ?
Also :
2) If I happend to see little agitated worm-like entities about 0.4 micron
in length and 0.1 micron in width… What is it likely to be ?
Note, I know what spermatozoa looks like.. This is about 1/10th of the size
of sperm. Beside, I am talking about the liquid before it is merged with
A doctor suggested it could be some kind of friendly bacteria…
Another one suggested if could be sperm tail fragments…
Are these suggestions likely to be correct ?
Can anyone answer those questions ?

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u.s. news and world report rankings

Hi there.  I’m in the process of applying to grad schools in speech
pathology and was wondering if anyone had a copy of the rankings for
speech pathology schools they could email me.  I’m from Canada and
can’t find this special edition anywhere in the libraries or
bookstores and don’t really want to pay for the whole edition for one
page of information.  If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it.
Also, any personal opinions would be great too.

Thanks all.

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Positive Margins After Primary Excisions of Basal Skin Carcinomas

Can anyone tell me what might be an acceptable rate of positive
margins with primary excisions of basal cell carcinomas?

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I need an immunhistological picture of the optic nerv (human) for a
talk (not public).
If there is somebody who can send me such a picture, please do it!
I need it very urgent!

Thanks a lot!

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Bone marrow transplant

   My Aunt had already under gone a series of regimen of AML
including,long term chemo and VP16 and nothing works, how about bone
marrow transplant? It is possible?

 Mark Bone

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Recycling codes / potential health hazards

I was hoping to Google a compact table listing the recycling codes with the
related health hazards from any leaching of chemicals into food or drink.
Haven’t found one yet.  These sites list some characteristics but not in a
form I would tape up on my fridge or carry to the grocery store.…

Don’t want to type it out myself  !!

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New Iron Conditions

Iron toxicity: New conditions continue to emerge.
Weinberg ED.
Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2009 Apr;2(2):107-9.
Department of Biology and Program in Medical Sciences;
Indiana University; Bloomington, IN USA.

During the past half century, excessive/misplaced iron has
been observed to be a risk factor for an increasing number
and diversity of disease conditions.
An extensive list of conditions and of the types of iron
association were published in early 2008.
Within the subsequent year, four additional disorders have
been recognized to be enhanced by iron: aging muscle atrophy,
viral replication, rosacea and pulmonary alveolar proteinosis.
This paper adds new data and emphasis on these disorders as
entities associated with increased iron load and toxicity.

PMID: 20357933

Who loves ya.

Jesus Was A Vegetarian!

Man Is A Herbivore!


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