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Collagen I, III-antibodies

We are currently in search of good-working antibodies against collagen
type I and III to be used for immunohistochemical staining on paraffine-
embedded biopsy material. We have tried several types of mono- and
polyclonal antibodies but received no satisfying results of staining.

Can anyone tell me about antibodies that really work ? Thanks …


        Christof Rehbein, MD

Dr. med. Christof Rehbein
Dept. of Pathology, Klinikum Mannheim,
University of Heidelberg, D-68135 Mannheim, Germany
Tel. +49-(0)621-383-2271, Fax +49-(0)621-383-2005
email: k…

Topamax .
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tests for baldness

        This message may sound naive to you, since I know
nothing of the medical field.  I desire some information, however,
concerning baldness.  Are there any blood, skin, etc tests available
that search for the presence of a baldness gene(s) (assuming they have
been found)?  Are there any ways of testing wether hair loss is
present at all, and if so, if it is permanent or temporary, etc.

Thanx in Advance,
david rotolo


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On May 11-13, 1995 the Medical Devices Manufacturers Association,
MDMA, held the SUMMIT FOR FDA REFORM in Washington DC.
A “ Blueprint for FDA Reform”, advanced by MDMA, was discussed
at  the meeting. During the celebration of the SUMMIT, over 70
congress representatives were approached by members of MDMA who
officially delivered the Blueprint for FDA Reform, several
representatives offered to translate the blueprint into legislative
language and introduce it to Congress. The speaker of the House,
Newt Ginrich asserted that the House will pass FDA reform containing
most of the issue outlined in the Blueprint.

It appears that FDA REFORM will continue to be a hot issue at
Capitol Hill.

The SUMMIT For FDA Reform is supported by the following organizations,
representing 700 companies and constituting  
The National Medical Device Coalition:.

·      American Electronics Association
·      Association of Medical Diagnostics Manufacturers
·      IVD Manufacturers Coalition
·      Utah Biomedical Industry Council
·      Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council
·      Independent Reagent Manufacturers Association
·      Medical Device Manufacturers Association
·      Dental Implant Manufacturers Association
·      Contact Lens Manufacturers Association
·      Joint Council of Immunohistochemical Manufacturers

The in vitro diagnostic industry should not continue to be regulated
with the same measure used to control drugs. There is a clear and
profound difference between pharmaceuticals and in vitro diagnostics
(IVD). The in vitro diagnostic industry, integrated in its majority
by small companies, has been placed under the FDA agency for too long, in detriment of both health care and manufacturers.  The present regulatory  arrangement is unfit for our industry and tends to hamper the implementation of new technologies in health care.

We would like to encourage all of those who believe it is  time to
separate in vitro diagnostics  from under the FDA’s jurisdiction,
to help by supporting this movement. It is important for you to
voice your opinion in support of immediate changes of the FDA.  
This action must take place NOW. Contact your District’s House
Representatives and Senators, introduce them to the Blueprint for
FDA Reform and request they support FDA reform including removal
of in vitro diagnostics from FDA.

Copies of the MDMA blueprint For FDA Reform can be obtained directly
from NMDC

The National Medical Device Coalition
1575 Eye Street, N.W. Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202-898-5700

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Ebola Filovirus

I am a Microbiology student at the University of Southern Queensland in
Australia , and am currently in the middle of a research project , for
which I have chosen the study of filoviruses (Ebola in particular) . The
problem is , I need to contact the CDC in Atlanta , or (hopefully)
USAMRIID in Washington for some recent info from the Kikwit/Kinhasa outbreak.

My problem is that I don’t know the e-mail address of either of these
places and I would very much like to speak with Drs Nancy & Jerry Jaax at
either of these facilities , however the research coordinators would be
invaluable as well.

If you have any information which may help me , please contact me at the
address at the bottom of this message.

Thank you in Advance

Adam Smith
==== =====

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rudimental epiglottis help


A friend of mine gave birth to a boy 5 days ago.
He was diagnosed with RUDIMENTAL EPIGLOTTIS,
a malformation of the epiglottis.
The hospital has never seen such case before and they are debating
whether or not to do surgery.
If you have any experience with epiglottis malformations or pointers
to clinicians who have, please send email to
Francesca Gandolfo
                        Francesca Gandolfo

                E-mail: f…
                smail:  MIT

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Actinomyces and Liver disease…

Hi there:

        I have pathologist friends who need some info about
hepatic abscess and pathology when it’s caused by Actinomyces spp.

Any info, reference, would be appreciated…

Thank youin Advance…

Jaime Gibertoni, M.D.

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Could someone please point out recent review articles on the pneumonia
caused by the Legionella bacteria?

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Brain Maps and Where to Find Them

I am a writer looking for a brain map which will show the areas of the brain and how they relate to the
five senses (ie which portion of the brain is specifically associated with sight). I would also like to know if
any sites regarding such items as thought, emotions or base survival reflexes have been located. If
someone could point me in the right direction for my search, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Help a Chinese!!!

From kenl…@HK.Super.NETThu May 18 20:37:55 1995
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 20:35:30 +0800 (HKT)
From: Mr Kenneth YL Li <kenl…@HK.Super.NET>
To: Mr Kenneth YL Li <kenl…@HK.Super.NET>, u…@HK.Super.NET
Subject: Forwarded mail….

        This is Peking University in China, a place of those dreams of
freedom and democracy. However, a young, 21-year old student
has become very sick and is dying. The illness is very rare. Though
they have tried, doctors at the best hospitals in Beijing cannot cure
her; many do not even know what illness it is. So now we are asking
the world — can somebody help us?
        Here is a description of the illness:
        The young woman — her name is Zhu Ling — is a student in
the chemistry department. On DEC. 5, 1994, Zhu Ling felt sick in
her stomach. Three days later, her hair began to fall out and within
two days she was completely bald. She entered the hospital, but the
doctors could not find the season for her illness. However,
after she was in the hospital for a month, she began to feel better
and her hair grew back. Zhu Ling went back to school in February,
but in March her legs began to ache severely, and she felt dizzy.
She entered XieHe(Harmony) Hospital – the most famous hospital in China.
On March 15, her symptoms worsened. She began facial paralysis, central
muscle of eye’s paralysis, self-controlled respiration disappeared. So `
she was put on a respirator.
        The doctors did many tests for many diseases including  anti-
H2V, spinal cord puncture, NMR, immune system, chemical drug
intoxication ANA,ENA,DSONA,ZG and Lyme, but all were
negative, except for Lyme disease(ZGM(+)).
        The doctors now think that it might be acute disseminated
encephalomyelitis(ADEM) or lupus erythematosus(LE), but the
data from the tests did not support this conclusion.
        The doctors are now treating Zhu Ling with broad-spectrum
antibiotic of cephalosporin, anti-virus drug, hormone, immun-
oadjuvent, gamma globulin intravenous injection and have given
her plasma exchange(PE) of 10,000 CCs. But Zhu Ling has not
responded — she reamers in a vegetative state, sustained by life
        If anyone has heard of patients with similar symptoms — or
have any ideas as to what this illness could be, please contact us.
We are Zhu Ling’s friends and we are disparate to help her.
        This is the first time that Chinese try to find help from
Internet, please send back E-mail to us. We will send more crystal
description of her illness to you.
        our email is: ca…

                                                        Thank you very much
                                                        Peking University
                                                        April 10th, 1995
  Please foreword this message to  your freinds. Thanks in advance!

   __ __    ___   _  __________ ______  _  ____  __  __  ______
  / // /   / _ | / |/ /_  __/ // / __ \/ |/ /\ \/ /  \ \/ / __/
 / University of Illinois  
/_//_(_) /_/ |_/_/|_/ /_/ /_//_/\____/_/|_/   /_/     /_/___/  



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Conception with Prolapsed Ute

Can conception still occur with a prolapsed uterus?
How about carriage to term?
                                        thanx again

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