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Partial hydatidiform mole

My colleagues and I are having difficulty with the diagnosis of
partial mole with poor agreement between us.  The pathological
features of partial mole appear to me to be very subtle and found to
some degree in a high proportion of products of conception.

I would be very interested in the opinions of other pathologists.  How
often should we be making this diagnosis?  How important is it to make
this diagnosis?
Alan Rubin       c…
Department of Cytology, Watford General Hospital, Watford

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collagen or elastin?

Hope someone can help me.

I can visualize some interesting fibres in tissue under SEM, and I need to  
determine if the fibres are predominatly collagen or elastin.  I’ve thought of  
histology and staining, but I really need to do this in the SEM.  The  fibres  
are so sparse, that I probably won’t be able to identify them with histology.  

We have an X-ray probe on our SEM. Are there some features of elastin and  
collagen that enables one to differentiate them with the X-rays? Is it possible  
to stain the tissue somehow while still wet so that elastin and collagen could  
be recognized somehow under SEM.

I kind of need the SEM approach so that I can relate composition to structure  
that is visible under SEM.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please e-mail any suggestions.

Ivan Vesely, Ph.D.
Associate Staff
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

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Blood in semen: prostate cancer symptom?

Is blood in the semen, but not in the urine, a possible sign of prostate
cancer?  What are the possible causes for the blood in the semen?  I’d
appreciate any help you can give me.  This is for a rather worried friend?

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Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

I need some more information about this cancer, so I would be greatful if
anyone can forward me a list of references. The basic pathology and
surgery textbooks have very little on this, so some journal reports would
be helpful.

Replies to my e-mail address is fine. Thanks in advance!

Ern Chang

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Blood in Urine

What are the possible causes of blood in the urine?  Thanks ahead of time.

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Medical Trivia Quiz

Does anyone know what has happened to Adam Sohren’s Medical FAQ

Havn’t heard from them for some time.

Please reply directly if possible,


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craniun senostosy

Please,does anyone have any information about how can I get
information o craneo senostosys?
It is a pathology easily diagnosed but I have a son who wasn’t
diagnosed on time and this has caused him some damage.
I need more information about the disease to provide my layer with
enough material to go ahead.
I thank you very much for your attention.
Please e-mail to:

This is a congenit desiase and my son is now 8 years old when it
appears that nothing more can be done.

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2nd CFV:

                          LAST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)
                 unmoderated group

Newsgroups line:      Hepatitis diseases.

Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 10 Aug 1995.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting
questions only contact Warren Lavallee <war…@Syra.NET>.  For
questions about the proposed group contact Abdul W Abdul


Hepatitis disease meaning the inflammation of the liver (hepat=liver,
itis=inflammation) is a serious caused usually by hepatitis virus with
millions of people infected throughout the world.
The discussion of hepatitis diseases appears regularly in other related
newsgroups such as, and bionet.virology,
with demands for more information on the disease or even requests for
help on particular issues conerning hepatitis. There is a mailing list
for hepatitis C patients, and it is increasing daily in size. The
mailing list members (more than 150) are interested in such newsgroup,
because it will be there gateway to the world for getting more support
and information.

I also found many supporters for the creation of this newsgroup, when
I had posted a pre-RFD enquiry to bionet.virology.


The proposed newsgroup would be devoted to all aspects and kinds of
hepatitis diseases. This newsgroup would be a good place where all
people interested in the disease (doctors and experts in this field)
can communicate with each other and share views and opinions.
Not forgetting millions of people who are infected with hepatitis,
this newsgroup would give support to those people and would be a good
place for them to interact with the experts.
Let me make it clear here that the creation of this newsgroup is
not intended to fractionate or separate hepatitis discussion in any
other related newsgroup, but is to create a new specialized discussion
forum on hepatitis diseases. So, articles regarding hepatitis
cross-posted to other related newsgroups are welcomed.

A partial list of the intended topics would be:

        -All types of viral hepatitis and non viral hepatitis.
        -Prognosis and symptoms of hepatitis.
        -Complications of hepatitis.
        -The chronic carrier state.
        -Vaccines and drugs.
        -Epidemiology of hepatitis.
        -Books, journals, articles and newsletters related to hepatitis.
        -Support for hepatitis patients.

There is a plan to establish a gateway between HEPV-L mailing list
and the newsgroup.


Send MAIL to:   vot…@Syra.NET
Just Replying should work if you are not reading this on a mailing list.

Your mail message should contain *one* and only one of the following
      I vote YES on
      I vote NO on
      I vote ABSTAIN on
      I CANCEL my vote on

Neither ABSTAIN nor CANCEL messages are counted as votes; they serve
only to cancel any previous vote. Abstentions are noted in the final
vote list, whereas CANCEL removes your vote from that list entirely.
(This is the only difference between the two.)

Anything else may be rejected by the automatic vote counting program.  The
votetaker will respond to your received ballots with a personal acknowledge-
ment by mail – if you do not receive one within several days, try again.
It’s your responsibility to make sure your vote is registered correctly.

If you later change your mind you may vote again; only your last valid
vote will count.

Anonymous votes will not be accepted. Votes mailed by WWW/HTML/CGI
forms are considered anonymous votes. (The vote must be mailed
directly from the voter to the votetaker.)

In cases where voting fraud is determined to have occurred, it is
standard operating procedure to delete ALL votes submitted by the

If you give anyone a copy of the CFV, it must be whole and unmodified.
When in doubt, ask the votetaker.

Standard Guidelines for voting apply: no more than one vote per person,
no more than one vote per account. If you attempt multiple votes or
other vote fraud, all your votes may be canceled and your name published.

The complete vote list will be posted with the vote result, including
how each person voted. Note that Usenet votes are not done by secret

There will then be a five-day period during which the published vote
list may be corrected and any irregularities addressed. The
requirements for group creation are 100 more YES votes than NO votes,
and 2/3 of all counted votes being YES.

This CFV has been cross posted to:

And EMailed to:
        HEPV-L mailing list (lists…

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Hematopoietic Progenitor (CFU) Assays

Does anyone know of a web site with good images of CFU assay results?  I’ve found lots of
images of bone marrow and blood, but need colony photographs for training lab staff.  If this
isn’t yet available on the net, I’ll have the photomicropgraphs I’ve taken scanned in and
posted to the University of Minnesota Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology home
page.  Hoping to avoid a duplication of effort, though.  


Scott R. Burger

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Re: The Lightning Hypertext of Pathology

The lastest version of The Lightning Hypertext & Game of Pathology is
now available.
A full announcement is available in the Usenet group  comp.newprod
Additional information is available by email at my address:

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