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Abnormally Low Level of HDL and Choline Supplements?

I am a fifty year-old male, with no history of premature heart disease in my
family.  Recently a blood-lipid study was conducted and although my total
lipids were 160, my High Density Lipids were only about 12 mg/dl.  The tests
were replicated several weeks later with essentially the same results.  When
I was forty years old my total lipid level was 130 mg/dl with the HDL at
only 25 mg/dl.

I am not a physician but I did conduct a medline search and found several
helpful articles.  For example, to raise HDL levels one should not
smoke, be slim, exercise regularly, and perhaps drink a glass of red wine
daily with meals.

I take a 350 mg capsule of choline crystals daily.  It seems to help my
memory.  Lecithin is also a good source of choline.  In one of the reviews,
however, I read the following:

      "Severe HDL deficiency (HDL cholesterol < 10 mg/dl) is rare and can be
       due to Tangier disease, the apo A-I deficiency states, apo A-I
       variants, lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase deficiency, or fish
       eye disease."  Schaefer et al. J of Atherosclerosis, 108 (Suppl.)
       (1944) s41-s54.

Not only am I not a physician, I’m not a chemist! Nevertheless I wonder if
there is any relation between the lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase in
the above quote, the choline I am taking, and my very low HDL level.

Thanks for your help!

Marshall Lev Dermer
Associate Professor of Psychology


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PAPNET Patent ordered for reexamination by US Patent Office

We have received a fax saying.:

David  L  Just, attorney for an anonymous entity, recently announced
that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted his request to
reexamine three patents assigned to Neuromedical Systems, Inc.
(Suffern, NY).  The patents for which reexamination has been ordered
are: #4,965,725 (Reexam No. 90/003,818), "Neural Network Based
Automated Cytological Specimen Classification System and Method";
#5,287,182 (Reexam No. 90/003,817), "Morphological Classification
System and Method"; and #5,287,272 (Reexam No. 90/003,816), "Automated
Cytological Specimen Classification System and Method".  The Orders
Granting Request fo Reexamination stste that substantial new questions
of patentability have been raised about every claim contained in each

Patent Office policy requires that reexamination proceedings be
conducted with special dispatch.
Alan Rubin       c…
Department of Cytology, Watford General Hospital, Watford

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I am writing this kfor my aunt who has cardiomyopathy. She has just
recently gotten e-mail services and would like to get into
contact with anyone who has this disease. She is interested in
finding out about support groups and how people cope with this
disease. Since I don’t normally read this group could you
e-mail me directly if you have any info that might be helpful
to her? Also, if I am in the wrong newsgroup and you could point
me to a more appropriate one I would appreciate it.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Theresa Kratschmer (ther…

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Talus Fracture

I am seeking iformation from anyone who could provide help with offering
the prognosis for an osteochondral fracture of the talar dome.

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septic bile peritonitis s/p lap cholecystectomy

I recently posted a male who expired 2 days after a laparascopic
cholecystectomy.  He had an acute, diffuse septic bile peritonitis and no
other obvious cause of death, with no exact site of bile leakage
identified.  Anyone else encountered anything like this?

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Immunohistochemistry on-line?

Does anyone know of any electronic journals, web-sites, discussion
groups, etc. that are devoted specifically to immunohistochemistry
(ihc) ?  My specific interest is in ihc as it applies to human
pathology, but any discussion of the topic would be of value. Thanks.

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strange pathology

I am occupational therapist and I have just met a patient stroken by a
strange disease named "Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy (type I)". The
professor that identified the pathology said that normally this arrive at
the age of 50.
Unfortunately, the person I met yesterday is 32-years old and the disease
began at the age of 20. I would like to know if somebody could help me
concerning the evolution of such a pathology. Evolution in time, in term of
fonctionnalities,… Does it exist a server or a special group concerning
this disease?
Thanks for your help
Jean-Philippe Schmit

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I am working in the field of histology. I would like to know the
program or subroutine that related to stereology (morphometry).

Thank you very much in advance

Hahn from Belgium

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Stress and thyrotoxicosis, Is there a link?? Please help!!!!!

I desperately need information regarding the connection between stress, and
thyrotoxicosis. If anyone has any information, or knows of any journals or
textbooks containing such information, please reply. I have an essay due on
the topic.

A 3rd Year Med Student at Melb. Uni.

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Liver problem

My brother, 46, has elevated blood AST ALT (SGOT SGPT) and Gamma GT level,
and triglyceride level.
He has no antigens from Hepatitis A nor B, nor C
Fatty liver?
What are other causes for the above problem?
Metabolism problems?
What are the treatment available?
If untreated, would he develop cirrhosis of liver?

Piauw Khoeng

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