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Re: Newsgroup, Articles 1847-1876Automated stainers for immunohistochemistry?

I work in the immunopathology lab at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
We use a Bio-Tek TechMate 1000 for our automated IHC; however,
we are interested in finding out what stainers other labs use,
and why?  Any input anyone would be able to give would be great!
Please respond to me via e-mail, at Woodcoc…
Thank you,
Bill Woodcock
Research Technician
Johns Hopkins Immunopathology Laboratory

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Please can someone suggest a source of viable adenovirus (not
chimeric) in the Boston area. I require this for T cell cloning

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Pathologies attributed to high dust environments

I am looking into the archaeological context of human adaptation to
loess environments of glacial periods (loess being fine dust produced by
the grinding action of glaciers which is deposited by the wind during
cold and dry environmental conditions).  Part of my understanding of
this problem requires that I investigate the implications that a very
dusty atmospheric environment would have for human ecology.  I am unsure
as to the pathological implications that suspended dust would have for
human health over a long period of time (perhaps their entire life).  If
anyone is familiar with the topic of dust-attributed human pathologies,
please let me know.  Suggestions as to any sources of research in the
literature that would be appropriate for my interests here would be much

Thanks in advance

Loren Davis
University of Alberta  

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Alopecia Areata

     We are trying to put a newsgroup together for people who suffer
from Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, or Alopecia Universalis.  All
three are forms of the same condition in which the immune system
attacks the hair follicle, leaving bald patches.

     Anyone interested in receiving information about the formation of
the newsgroup, or s=who would like to join the current e-mail list
should respond to Greg Garrison at garri…
Michelle LaBrosse-Purcell

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Is there a group for forensic medicine?

I am wondering if there is a group discussing forensic medicine.


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Medical Equipment & Supplies

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                                    for free software call

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PathIT Online Pathologist Demographic Survey Update.

Week 1: =

29 respondents (2 Anonymous), Majority Netscape Users. Majority prefer a =

focused Web Site. =

Survey will run for next 2 weeks. Those who still have not responded but =

are on line please send take part.

Anil =

Dr Anil K Dhiri, DVM, MBiol, CBiol, MBA =

PathIT=A9 Pathology Online Weservice
Pathology Beyond 2000
Pisces Design & Consultancy             =    =


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Shum Chin Kei,

     My name is Jerald Pelzer, as the result of taking antibiotics for a
long term urological problem, I have Methacyillin Resistant Staphaureus
(MERSA). I’m not sure of the correct spelling! Basicly, I’m immune to most
oral antibiotics. I would be interested in hearing about any kind of
alternate (those in uour country) treatment for this. Or anything you find
in your wanderings on the internet.

Thank You,
Jerald Pelzer

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Methacyillin Resistant Staphaureus (MERSA) – Where can I communicate with other about this?



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Impact of this newsgroup quantitated

I know there has been a great deal of discussion here about the value of and the character of postings.  I share many of these
concerns, but would point out the following evidence that posts here do
have an impact:

Accesses to our Laboratory Medicine/Pathology WWW page doubled after my
November 12th post and increased 33% after my post yesterday.  So there
are people reading what is written here and acting on it!

Dr. Uthman’s contributions here are flawless but some of the other
contributors to this group are not proofreading their messages before
sending.  It is always best to look over what you have written before
hitting the "send" button.  It would improve things a lot if individuals
realized that this group was designed for laboratory professionals and
we are not a good group to solicit opinions about clinical diagnosis and
treatment from!  Treatment/diagnosis questions are much more likely to
be answered on

All the best. – Kim Solez, M.D.  Owner NEPHROL

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