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STD (Fungus)- Please Help!

IF STD’s ARE YOUR SPECIALTY, perhaps I could use your HELP!

In October 94 I contracted an STD which was diagnosed as contamination
by a fungus. I am not circumsised and the infection formed inside the pre-
puce. It turned red, with boils and it was relatively itchy and somewhat

A sample was collected because Herpes was suspected, but the test came
back negative. I was given some preventive anti-herpes medication,
and also some "Canestan" which is available over the counter.

The infection disappeared for a few weeks, only to come back with new
symptoms. This time, the skin of the prepuce was a bit swollen, red and
covered by a sebaceous substance much like smegma(spelling?). The doctor told me
it was because I didn’t care for myself properly (which is not true) and
told me to just wash it well with soap and water.

It was quite sore, and the skin was breaking easily. At the same time I
developed a skin rash on my face. The doctor suspected it might be the
same type infection. I was then prescribed Nizoral 30g 2%. After only
a couple of days both infections had disappeared. The doctor and my
pharmacist informed me that Nizoral was curative. I used it for over six
weeks, only to have the infection return.

The rash on my face has returned only once after a year, but the fungus
on my penis returns every 1 1/5 or two months. Each time I have treated
myself with Nizoral cream, but I am convinced that there must be a
curative, rather than palliative treatment for this condition.

I intend to get married, and I am sure that my future wife would not
at all be pleased to know that I am bringing a fungus into this union.
Even though my doctor has said that this is much like yeast infection,
it is not something I wish to carry around nor pass on.

If anyone has any information concerning this, i.e., any sort of treatment
whether it be traditional or non-traditional, I would be most pleased
to hear from you. Please send e-mail to ra_t…

Thanking you in advance for your kind co-operation,

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Re: Drugs to subdue, rather than kill

R Wiess wrote:" Our department has a policy of shooting only to protect
>life(ours or others, or both), while another department might have a different
>policy. I just want a description of the events so I can lay out the
>feasible alternatives.
>        So why should we use drugs to terminate life threatening behavior
>(lawyer term) when a gun can be so much more effective? And have you thought
>about the liability issues that a department can get into using drugs on
>people? Besides, they are not always effective and could still lead to the use
>of lethal force, is it ok then?

>Just some ideas, but without more info from the original poster this
>discussion is useless."

This is the further info.A fellow by the name of Gould took a sergreant
hostage in police HQ.His marriage had brocken down,and he’d lost his
farm.He stayed inside the station for 7 hours,during which time a police
negtiator talked to him.After getting the sergeant to type out a will for
him,he walked out into the deserted street.By then it eas 2am.The police
formed a semi-cicrle around him,and walked across the street towards
him,yelling "Drop your weapons".When they were about 15 feet away from
him,he raised his hand.The police opened fire.He was shot a number of
times in the legs,and in the chest.
By-standers say that he raised his hand to shield his eyes when a bright
light was shone into them.
The police took a huge risk in getting so close to him.I suspect that the
intention was to get close enough to disarm him.There were about 15 in the
group.Shooting when so much at risk must have been an instinctive reaction
to his raising of his hand.
There has to have been a safer way.Zoo vets regularly sedate large animals
from adistance (including primates).The risk of an adverse reaction to a
sedative must be less than the risk of some-one being shot dead,whether
the armed person (who isn’t necesarily a criminal) or he police.
The coroner will probably want to make some suggestions intended to lessen
risks to all concerned in any similar situation.Does any-one have any


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Help for Daniel

Who can help a 22 year old student from Romania who is infected with

This young man has been already operated twice and a hydatic cyst was
extirpated every time: first time the cyst was extirpated from his left
lung (about 5 years ago) and the second time it was extirpated from his
liver (6 months ago). Unfortunately, both times the cyst broke open
during the operation.

In Romania, where he lives, there is not any cure for this disease,
apart from the surgery that he has to undergo every time a new cyst is
formed somewhere else. The doctors have told us (his family) that once
the cyst is located on the brain, nothing can be done to rescue him, so
at 22 years of age, this young man faces death!

We desperately hope that there is somewhere in the world a cure, either
medication or  a treatment that he can get in order to be cured of this
terrible disease.

We will appreciate any information or help that anybody can give us in
finding a cure, and we will do anything possible to obtain it,
regardless of how much it costs. We have limited material resources, but
we will spare nothing to save his life.

Thank you.

If you can help us with any kind of information, please write to:

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Forensic Odontology

Hello Science/Med/Pathologists,

Over on the Dentistry Forum I’m trying to put together a folder of
requests from investigators seeking information to identify unknown
victims of crimes or accidents using dental charting.
Have been out on the Web but don’t find any sites listing such calls
for dental information. I guess I need to know if pathologists or
coroners or investigators have a central location where they describe
dental details and request matches of antemortem dental records to
their victim’s characteristics? Are these kinds of requests published
in your professional journals? I only rarely see such a call for
information in our dental print media.
Any help on where I can turn for this kind of information?
Frank H. Schmdit, DDS

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Public Exposure of Forensic Scientists

  The American Academy of Forensic Scientists recently concluded its
annual meeting in Nashville.  In her plenary session address to the
academy, US Attorney General Janet Reno urged forensic scientists to seek
more public exposure.  Yes, there are risks to those who do so via public
forums such as this but these can be minimized.  The potential benefits
for forensic science are great.
  Yet another public forum on a forensic science,
(actually on clinical & forensic toxicology), is currently in the voting
stage.  The deadline for voting is Thursday.  Interested individuals (not
necessarily toxicologists) can obtain a copy of its Call For Votes (CFV)
which includes the ballot from <toxicology-cfv-requ…>.

Chris Jones

Christopher E. Jones, PhD

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Help! My father fights for life –

                My father has debilitated greatly in the past 4 years from benign
tumors (schwanoma) located on the 5th and 7th nerves at the base of his
brain.  He was misdiagnosed twice, and has recently gotten worse – He
has survived against miraculous odds in the past, and I am trying to get
him to a doctor (neurologist or other) ,  special organization,
publication, database, e-mial address or web-site , or anything that
might be able to help.  We are racing against time and we don’t want to
lose him – please send me any info. you have – Unfortunately, I don’t
have an e-mail address- Please call me days anytime  at 1-800-742-8326
(x 68371) – my name is elana epstein or call me collect or leave a
message with your number at 617-965-4709.  You have no idea how much you
could help –

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For Physicians:

From: Alan Nazerian MD <nazer…>
Subject: For Physicians:

Survey Request, please read and respond if possible.
Newsgroup moderators, please accept this post, I am attempting
to conduct a survey of physician usage of USENET groups.

I am conducting research into physician use of the Internet, and
specifically, USENET groups. I am trying to gather information on usage
patterns. Below is a short survey which will help me gather the data I am

I am conducting this survey over the Internet, as this is the best way to
reach physicians who are currently using USENET groups. I am specifically
looking for responses from medical and dental physicians (MD, DO, DDS,

Please do not follow up this post to this group, but send the form back
to me, so I can gather the data. Use the form, type answers in the
spaces, using your text editor. The best way to do this is first (m) mail
the post to your email account, and then fill it out and return to me by
email. I am interested in data, and all replies will have their
origin/sender removed from header as I conduct the research. If you do
not have edit function, the responses can be sent to me in the form of
email, with number of question, and response, A, B, C, etc..

I am grateful to those who participate in this survey, helping me with my
research. Thanks! Alan
Alan P. Nazerian, MD                 nazer…
Medical College of Wisconsin        
Department of Radiology    
8700 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Box 151
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226


1. What country do you practice in?______
2. If USA, which state?_______
3. What is your main medical specialty?_________
4. What is your age? (A:<30. B:30-40. C:40-50. D:50-60. E:>60)______
5. Do you connect to Internet from (A:Home B:Work C:Both)?_________
6. Do you connect with (A:Univ/hosp system B:OnLine Svc C:Both)?_______
7. Operating system used most? (A:DOS B:MacSystems C:0S/2)_________
   7a. If DOS, do you currently use Windows95?_______

8. How many times per week do you log into USENET groups per week?
(Include total number per week, including any multiple logins on same

9. How often do you post/follow up messages? (A:often B:seldom C:never)___
10. How many *medical* newsgroups do you regularly use?_______
11. In which newsgroup did you see and respond to this post?______________
12. Is the main group you use moderated? (Y, N, Unsure)_________
13. Your practice is mainly (A:clinical B:research C:both equal)________
14. Have you or your practice group used USENET groups to advertise
for a postition you are offering?______
    14a. If "no", do you see this as a possibility in near future?_____
15. Have you sold or purchased used medical equipment advertised through
a USENET group?_____
16. Have you or your group purchased any *new* medical equipment or
based on the post of a manufacturer/distributor?_______
17. Have you ever/would you consider responding to a post from an
individual seeking medical advice/opinion about an disease entity or
symptom affecting him, or his friend/family? (Y, N, Unsure)________

18. Ever/consider respond to person asking for information about a
procedure, diagnosis, protocol, etc., a person dissatisfied with
his previous treatment/workup by another physician? (Y, N, Unsure)______

19. Have you/would you give medical advice to another *physician* who
asks for advice on a particular patient’s case, or asking for experience
with similar cases? (Y, N, Unsure)_______

19a. Have you made a post asking for the opinion/advice/comment from
another *physician* on the group, about a clinical issue/concern?(Y,N)____

20. If you conduct clinical trials: have you/would you use USENET groups
to find patients to enroll in a clinical trial? (Y, N, N/A)_____

21. What is your opinion on posting from equipment vendors,
pharmaceutical representatives, and others promoting their trade on
USENET? (A:helpful to group. B:detrimental. C:indifferent)_______

22. Do you think there is the *realistic* potential for medical
malpractice lawsuits to be brought forth, as a result of a physician
giving medical advice to an individual posting on USENET? (Y, N, Unsure)____

23. Have you ever wished to respond to a post, from either a physician, or
non-physician on med-related USENET group, but chose not to, so as not to
become "involved?" (Y, N)________

Thanks. Data only will be used, and the sender’s origin, beyond
demographics, is irrelevant to me, and will be discarded.

Alan Nazerian, MCW Radiology

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Coagulation Autoanalysers

I would be interested to learn of readers experiences, good or bad,
with any of the following Coagulation autoanalysers.

Organon Teknika ………… MDA180

Sysmex (Toa) …………… CA-6000

Instrumentation Laboratory . Futura

Diagnostica Stago ………. STA

I’m interested in all aspects of the instuments performance ….
reliability, QC, running costs, breakdowns, service backup etc etc

Mike Collier       m…

Chief MLSO
Haematology laboratory
Princess Margaret Hospital

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Red Cell Disease Lecture Syllabus

Dear colleagues,

I would like to make the latest revision of my lecture syllabus on "The Red
Cell and Anemia" available for anyone who wants it. This deals with the
routine CBC and the pathogenesis and diagnosis of anemias. I have now made
this into a single document in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. You will need
Adobe’s free Acrobat viewer to view or print it.

The file is 234K and decodes into a 51-page formatted document of over
19,000 words, with 39 footnotes and 18 original line art illustrations.
This year’s revision is version 2.0, and it’s mostly cosmetic (I changed
the font from Times to New Century Schoolbook and put it in hierarchical
outline format to mollify the more anal-retentive med students). Look for
substantial content changes next year.

Kim Solez and Michele Hales at the University of Alberta have been kind
enough to make this file (and most of my others) available on their site.
The URL for my stuff is:

I will not be able to send this file via e-mail, since its size violates my
provider’s 100K restriction on e-mail attachments. Sorry.

Copyright (c) 1996, Edward O. Uthman. All files may be used freely for all
noncommercial purposes, including education of medical students and
residents. Commercial use is allowed only by prior written consent of the
author (uth…

My apologies to those who subscribe ot multiple mailing lists and received
more than one copy of this notice.


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H E L P: Searching for Literature

Dear Newsreader,

I’m searching for literature about the newest immunhistochemical markers
for keratocysts.
I’m writing a studie about this theme and searching desperately for

Please E-Mail me answers at following adress:

Great thanks for answers.

                Kerstin Schubert

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