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Medical advice in the net

What is the liability of medical professionals giving advises in
the internet?  Can we get sued?  


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Histiocytosis & Diabetes Insipidus

Anyone ever heard of these diseases ?

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Medical& Allied Health Books for sale

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(no subject)

Has anyone heard about the erratic behavior DuPont was experiencing
before he shot that wrestler being possibly associated with Lyme


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MEDNET 96 – European Congress of the Internet in Medicine


October 14-17, 1996
Brighton, United Kingdom

General Information:

MEDNET 96 is the European Congress of the Internet in Medicine.
The aims of the conference are to bring together researchers,
developers and users involved in the application of the Internet
in medicine.

It will provide a forum for those interested in exploring the
role of the Internet in medicine, to present research, discuss
developments, attend tutorials, workshops and panel discussions.
A virtual medical conference will be held on the World-Wide-Web
for the duration of the Congress.

The Congress will also feature a major commercial exhibition.

The Conference language will be English.

Contributions in the form of paper presentations, workshops,
tutorials, posters on all areas where the Internet is exerting
an influence on medicine and medical science. Virtual posters on
all areas of medicine are also welcome for the virtual medical

Topics will include:

Access to Information
Authoring Environments
Business and Marketing
Clinical and Non-Clinical Applications
Commercial Use
Digital Libraries
Electronic Publishing
Ethical Issues
Information Policies and Management
Medical Education Including Undergraduate and Continuing
Network Standards
Regulations and Politics
Enhanced and Virtual Reality in Medicine

Call for Papers:

Authors are invited to submit abstracts of papers on any of the
Congress topics of no more than 200 words for consideration by
the Scientific and Technical Committee. Abstracts that may be
submitted for consideration include those that have not previously
been published in another forum, or are not currently being
published or reviewed by another journal or conference.

All abstracts will be refereed for quality and originality. The
Committee reserves the right to accept the abstract as a paper or
poster presentation.

All accepted abstracts will be published  on CD ROM and in a
conference supplement to the Journal of Medical Informatics.
In addition, outstanding papers will be invited for publication
be invited for publication in Automedica.

Abstracts intended for submission should be submitted using the
appropriate submission form via the MEDNET World-Wide-Web
site (

For further details e-mail: i…

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MERAC dynamometer

 I am doing an experiment in isokenetic exercise using the MERAC dynamometer.
Unfortunity, I heard the result of MERAC is not repeatable and this machine is
stop to produce now.  Does anyone tell me what is happening?

Thank you

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bioassay procedures needed

     I am a student of natural products chemistry and is currently working on
Philippine grasses. I have with me fractions and pure isolates and I wish to
test these for bioactivities. Literature says that the grass I’m working with
is used by folk pratices as diuretic, anthelmintic, sudorific, haemolyptic, for
fever, for liver complaints and for sprains.      
     Can anyone give me the details of how to conduct an in vivo and in vitro
bioassays of any of the above medicinal activities? A review article showing
the experimental details is highly appreciated. Just send the references to my
e-mail address:


     Thanks and more power.

                                                  DREXEL CAMACHO

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Epidermolysis bullosa

Could anyone give me some informations about a pathology called
Epidermolysis bullosa ?

Please e-mail me directly : quen…

Christophe Quentel


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autopsy and tumormarkers

I am a surgical pathologist, interested in the use of tumormarkers. Sometimes
unexplained elevations of serum tumormarkers are found during life. I would be
interested to get in contact with people that have experience or interest in
the combination of autopsy findings and these unexplained elevations. plaese
contact me directly on my Email adress : m…

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Turner and Anencephaly


I hope someone can help me? We had an occurrence of Turner’s Syndrome and
Anencephaly in the same infant. This is quite novel to us. Did someone
encounter it before? Please let me know – it is quite important for a research

Thanks a lot!

Dr Bernard Nieuwoudt


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