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Have you been watching the rising commodity prices? I will send you a
free report on professionally managed futures. This report includes a
full analysis of the top traders including past  performance,
fascinating statistics, including how you can participate in this
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"X-Files" consultant sought

To any and all interested individuals. . .

I am an aspiring film and t.v. writer, currently possessing a passion
for the Fox television show "The X-Files."  I am also currently writing
several speculative scripts for this show myself.  I intend to get them
sold, and thus am making this proposal:

If you are a scientist, pathologist, chemist, etc., or student of such,
or person who makes such his or her hobby, I’m looking to meet you for
the possibility of being a consultant on the more specifically
scientific aspects of my scripts.  It would be great to develop a
repore by which you not just answer my questions but actually
contribute your own creative ideas and suggestions.  In either case,
your input would be an integral and vital part of the completed

Now, I am in no position to provide financial compensation at the
moment, but have no problem, if you so desire, to make a formal
contractural agreement by which you would receive compensation upon the
purchase of the completed material.  It would be great to establish a
relationship that could continue for years to come, and could lead to a
professional consulting job for you.

All I can offer now is my friendship and assurance that this goal is
within my grasp, within our grasp, and that the "X-Files" will continue
to skyrocket in popularity, with many more years of syndication and
inevitable movie deals in the works.

If you are curious, interested, or just want to rap about the show or
other stuff, please respond.

The truth is out there.

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Crohn alternative surgical therapy

I’wish I know if in UK (London?) there is an Hospital where an alternative
surgical therapy (something like mucosal schlerosis…) is done in Crohn
Please e-mail: plopa…


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Immunoperoxidase Mailer List

Stanford has begun a mail server for questions regarding
immunohistochemistry. You can subscribe by emailing to:


put in your text (not in your subject line):

subscribe ipox-l

a digest version is also available.

Barry H. Hellman, Jr., M.D.
Sentara Norfolk Gen Hosp
Norfolk, VA

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Help topic !

I’m thinking of doing masters in pathology at the end of this year. So
the question is does anyone could direct me to an area in internet
where research pertaining to this area is discussed. Tx
Khairul Osman
Dept. of BioMedicine
Faculty of Allied Sciences
National University of Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2545617
Private email : k…
Official email : kh…@pksun5.medic,

——– If this email was a horse   —–
         I’d have shot it already
         Hunt it down and Shoot it !

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Leitz 1512 Microtomes

We have 2 Reconditioned Leitz 1512 Microtomes available(June 10).
You can reserve one of these fine instruments by submitting a letter in
intent to purchase with a P.O. number.  Billing will be after a 5 day
trial use period.
Contact Warren Hammond 214-289-9430

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Symptom question…

I wanted to post this to the newsgroup as a way of possibly gathering
some information for a MEDLINE or WWW search, so any help would be

My father is a public school teacher in Northern Ontario.  The building is
approximately forty years old, and some bizarre things have happened in the
last few months.

In December of this year, one of the teachers, a 35 year old women in
good physical condition, became ill with what initially seemed to be
symptomatic of rheumatoid arthritis, but the blood test (I’m not familiar
with the test for RI) came back negative.

A short time later, a second teacher, a late-forties female, also came
down with similar symptoms, but is affected in a much more severe way.  
She has been hospitalized, and the diagnosis to this point is
vascularitis with pulmonary edema as well.

With my father teaching in the school, and several other teachers
complaining of feeling generally unwell, I am concerned as to the cause
of these illnesses.  The local health authority has started an
investigation of possible sick building syndrome causes.

I attended the school for nine years, and my father has been teaching
there for more than twenty, and nothing of this sort has happened
before.  Within the last five years, the local school board has
contracted out it’s cleaning contracts to an outside company, which
supplies all the cleaning products to the schools.  

My main questions are:

1.  Has anyone run across illnesses of this nature before?
2.  Is it possible that the cleaning products can be inducing these kinds
of problems?
3.  Where can I look on the Web (or textbooks, or journals) to find more
information on this problem?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


                      *        Gavin Park        *        
                      *   4th year undergrad     *
                      *   Biomedical Sciences    *            
                      *   University of Guelph   *          
                      *  Guelph, Ontario, Canada *                      
                      *    gp…     *              

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Job exchange — June LIS meeting

We are going to set up a "job exchange" at the symposium on Automated
Information Management in the Clinical Laboratory to be held in Ann Arbor,
Michigan, on June 5-7, 1996.  We are thus seeking submissions from both those
with jobs evailable as well as from individuals actively seeking positions.  
We are specifically interested in posting positions relating to automated
information management such as LIS support.  There will be no fee for this

We anticipate a registration at the symposium of at least 300 individuals from
around the U.S. and Canada.  About 40 vendors will also be represented at the
meeting.  Many of these vendors will undoubtedly be actively seeking new

If you wish to participate, please send me an email at the address below with
a two or three paragraph description of the job offered or sought.  We will
post each email on a bulletin board in the main lobby at the meeting.

Bruce A. Friedman, M.D.

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All fiction. All nonfiction.
Room for new clients.
Submit brief synopsis, the first 10 pages
self-addressed, stamped envelope (S.A.S.A.)
POMES: Send 2, S.A.S.A.
SHORT STORIES: Brief synopsis, 5 pages, S.A.S.E.
MAGAZINE ARTICLES: Brief synopsis only, S.A.S.E.
The Woodside Literary Agency
33-29 58 Street
Woodside, New York 11377
Tele: 718-651-8145
Attention: Senior Editor

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Myasthenia gravis

I’m wanting everyone’s opion about the best diagnostic group of
symptoms for Myasthenia gravis in routine patient histories.  Thanks

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