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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Is there a causal link between onset of IPF and exposure to Agent Orange
(or other chemical used in Vietnam)???  Or does anyone have suggestions as
to where I might learn more on this topic?  Thanx.

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rickettsial-borne myocarditis & subsequent Atrial fib.

A compadre of mine returned from a trip to Africa with significant
constitutional symptoms which went undiagnosed for 9 months.  Later, he
was diagnosed with combined Mediterranean spotted fever (Rickettsia
conorii) and Epidemic typhus (Rickettsia prowazekii) with subsequent
myocarditis & atrial fib.  

He’s now taking propafenone with moderate success.  Is anyone familiar
with prognosis, alternative therapies, other, in association with
myocarditis in this setting?

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Free Cardiac Symposium on LabFocus Web Site

For interested parties, Behring Diagnostics is sponsoring a free
cardiac symposium on LabFocus (  You may
submit questions to the panel as well as view other questions and

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Cysts, from a car accident?

Hi Everyone,

Just a question, I don’t know where to ask so I’ll try this area.

My wife and I were in a car accident in March "95". My wife received severe brusing
across her chest from the seat belt (as well as other injuries). Now, a year later, she
had a cyst (sorry about the spelling, just guessing) removed and the doctor said she had
several more in a strait line (same line where the seat belt bruse was). The others are
small, but need to be watched for growth. The doctor expected to find a tumor but was
supprized to find cysts. Has anyone seen this type of damage from a seat belt before?

Also, is there another area on the NET better suited for this question (news group,
forum, website etc.)?

Thank you for any help you may provide.

Larry Merchell

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pulmonary fibrosis

looking for information on pulmonary fibrosis-causes, symptoms, and if
ever contracted from handling of exotic birds. any help is appreciated.
also info on mds who treat and diagnose condition.

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Arterial pCO2 is one of the variables which interferes other
physiological parameters in anesthetized animals during surgical
experiments. It needs to be kept at more or less constant level
during experiment. It has been established that the value of
arterial pCO2 is identical to the end-tidal CO2. End-tidal CO2
measurement in larger animals and in humans are not a problem
because of the presence of sufficient volume of available
respiratory gases while the measurements in very small animals
such as in rats and mice were difficult because of low volume of
gas. In rats and mice, arterial pCO2 can be measured without
drawing blood from artery. We developed Micro-capnometer
(end-tidal CO2 meter) that utilizes low air sample flow rates (5,
20 ml/min) and is ideal for laboratory animals especially, for
rats and mice. The device has also the capability of determining
the respiration rate by counting the period from the wave pattern
of CO2 concentration. If you are interested in this device and
its application in rats and mice, please e-mail your street
address. I will send you all the necessary information.


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PAIN:dealing with it

[ Article crossposted from ]
[ Author was PAIN ]
[ Posted on 22 Jul 1996 20:40:37 -0400 ]

PAIN-L for all aspects of *CHRONIC PAIN*,
    including HEALTH & HEALING.
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This is a fully moderated [edited] Conference/Seminar/and online Magazine.
[Articles are also posted here occasionally by me and others.] The primary
FOCUS of PAIN-L is always "CHRONIC PAIN" and discussion includes the
following range of topics and objectives.


     [1] Strategies for healing, remissions, coping.
     [2] Medical methodology for healing.
     [3] Philosophical approach to pain, health & healing.
     [4] *Politics* for dispatching health services and care.
     [5] That which causes unnecessary pain & suffering.

   "The Birth and Death of Pain"
   Whatever triumphs still shall hold the mind,
   Whatever gift shall yet enrich mankind,
   Ah! here no hour shall strike through all the years,
   No hour so sweet as when hope, doubt, and fears.
   ’Mid deepening stillness, watched on eager brain,
   With Godlike will, decree the Death of Pain.
          [Dave Morris]


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My Father has been diagonsed with this.
Myelo Dysplastic Syndrome.

Our physicians are learning concurrently because they say it

Can anybody direct us to a resource desribing treatment and
description of the condition.

Thanks you.

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What is the correct term to describe inflammation of the soft palate?

Fairfield T. Bain, DVM

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