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This month's issue…

The January 1997 (Vol. II, No. 10.) issue of The Medical Reporter at
contains the following articles (by title):
— The Whys and Wherefores of Wind: Flatulence Explained
— AAOS Offers Free Brochures
— Rights to Advice From Physicians
— Antibiotic Resistant Bacterium in ICU
— 50 Percent of Cancer is Preventable
— Aches No Impediment to Exercise
— The National Lymphedema Network
— Get Most Out of Doctor’s Visit
— Quintessential Quotes
— Selenium and Cancer Prevention
— Relief For Dry Mouth
— Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction
— Yeast Infections in Teens
— Study on Hard-To-Treat Otitis Media
— Some Facts About Parkinson’s Disease
— Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

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Any comments about this new lung cancer technology?

I also read about the Biomoda website
( and was intrigued about their lung
cancer research. This is a company that is offering their stock via the
internet.  Apparently, they claim that their technology will test for
lung cancer from sputum.

To my way of thinking, this would make testing a lot more efficient and
cost-effective, which I imagine is the driving force behind the

Can anyone verify this technology, or is this another goose chase?


Max Karp

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Pathology Residency and Jobs

My wife is applying for residency programs in pathology and we were
curious how difficult it is to obtain residencies in Pathology
(particulary for foreing medical graduates) and what the future for
pathologists is like in the U.S.  We have heard that a lot of hospitals
are cutting down on the number of pathologists on their staff and that
it is getting harder and harder to get jobs in pathology nowadays.

Can anybody shed some light on these topics?


Subodh Sharma

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Help: HEALTHY coronary Artery sample needed!

Hello.  I am working on an independent scanning electron microscopy
project and am searching for a healthy Coronary Artery sample (to be cut
nicely into cross-sections and fixed in glute).  Can anyone help me?

I am in NYC and can supply a FedEx account number for delivery.  Any
images I photographed will be shared with the provider.  I need the sample
by 1/11/97

Thank you and please e-mail your response.


Andrew Leonard

Andrew P. Leonard

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CD-R Media for Sale

We have the following CD-R media for sale.

Brand: Pioneer
Type: Printable Media (Surface is blank for printing or labels)
Size: 74 min (650 mb)
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Price: 6.55
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Brand: TDK
Type: Gold on Gold
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Brand: Hewlett Packard
Type Gold on Gold
Size: 74 min (650 mb)
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Minimum Order: 10
Lifetime Warranty

The Copy Cat Shop has all your CD duplication, replication, recorders,
software, and media needs.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to call.


                        The Copy Cat Shop
                        213-650-9110 Fax

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! MASS POST Was Here! (tpoYpT)

MASS POST–the program by Ones and Zeros–has been used to send this message
to thousands of newsgroups.


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Sudden Death, Negative Autopsy

There are a number of subtle cardiac abnormalities which are associated (and
considered causal) for sudden unexpected death in young people; some are
especially common in athletes.   Are you certain that the epicardial
coronaries were not embedded within the myocardium, so-called ‘myocardial
bridge.’  This one can certainly be missed if you are not aware of its
significance.  Also, we have had several autopsies in the past few years with
very minimal very focal lymphocytic infiltrates (would be missed for
instance in a sparsely sampled heart) in the myocardium, which I would not
have called myocarditis, except that by PCR, Adenovirus nucleic acid was
retrieved.  Adenovirus seems to be able to provoke sudden death, presumably on
the basis of arrhythmia, without leaving much evidence of its presence.  It
is a virus which easily moves into host cells…I suggest you PCR a sample of
the myocardium for viral nucleic acids, especially Adenovirus.  Good luck,
these are frustrating cases.

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Help! Has anyone bought Biomoda stock via the internet?

I know this may not be the appropriate forum for this topic, but I would
appreciate any information anyone has on a company called BIOMODA.  They
are a medical company doing research on "diagnostic and therapeutic"
technolgy as applied to the detection of lung cancer.

I generally handle my own investments and this comapny was suggested to
me by an associate who found it through their website (they’re doing a
direct public offering).

I know this isn’t an investment list, but I wanted to hear whatever the
medical and science communities had to say about the company.

My questions:

1.  Has anyone on this list ever heard of this company?
2.  Is their technology worth investing in?

If anyone is interested, the website is at

I’d like to hear your input on this, as I am always looking for ground
floor investments, but I don’t want to throw my money away!

I am also posting this request to other lists.

Thank you,

Tahnee Fischler

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Breast Cancer

As far as I know there is no association between Hep. C infection and
breast cancer.

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Ibon Ascensor, three months old, is in a critical situation due to
pulmonary hypertension,
for which doctors have not found any scientific cause. The first crisis
took place when he
was already 3 months old. Only a prompt solution can save his life.
Follows medical report.

We require:
        Information or references of any similar cases which could be
helpful to us.
Send messages to:

        Three month-old baby in hospital for showing the signs of sudden
instauration with
moaning, cold sweating, pale skin with purple lips and disnea.

        In the three days before coming to hospital, difficulties in
being fed.

        Family antecedents: four year-old brother with perinatal
        Personal antecedents: 2700 grms. at birth, rest without interest.

        Evolution:      When he came in, he required an agressive
treatment as he
had the symptoms of multiorganic disfunction with severe metabolic excess
of acid, which
is progressively solved in the following days. After that, he has
presented some similar
sets of symptoms with a minor intensity, which he has overcome more

        In the nest examinations the following points can be remarked:
        -Gastro-esopharic ebb, under treatment at present.
        -Cardiological examination:
                Examination: 2R reinforced, without heart murmur.
                Electrocardiogram: sinusal rhythm, QRS Axis +150ยบ, right
ventricle hypertrophy,
                repolarization upset: -negative in right ventricle.
                Eco 2 D Doppler color: enlargement of right cavities
(Right Auricle and right Ventricle),
                flow of slight tricusp failure with a speedof 350/400
cm/sec which proves
                hypertension in right ventricle.
                Retrogressive flow of slight pulmonary failure with a
speed higher than 200 cm/sec.
                No structural anomalies.
        -Cateterism:                            Pressure mm/Hg
                Saturation %                    Right Auricle: 3
                VCS: 73                         Right Ventricle: 74/3-8
                Right Auricle: 70               AP: 65/29/46
                MV: 73                          Left Auricle: 4
                Right Ventricle: 69             Left Ventricle: 75/0-9
                Ap: 71
                RP: 71
                Left Auricle: 94
                Left Ventricle: 95
                Ao: 94

        An examination is to be made in order to discard an associated
pathology, under
treatment with vessel-dilaters and sedatives.

                   HYPOXIC CRISES

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