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I was hoping someone could suggest a good guide to the pathological
effects of radiation on the body.  I am especially interested in the
immune and reproductive systems.  Histology is required!!  Jennifer

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Re: No DNA if perpetrator vasectomized

are there no cells in prostatic fluid, even in the absence of viable
sperm?  again we turn to the pathologists for an answer???


On 16 Mar 1997 16:52:26 GMT, maryhed… (MaryHedman) wrote:

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>There has been consideraboe confusion about whether there was or was not
>semen at the crime scene and/or on JonBenet’s body.   If semen was
>present, that would have been a simple matter to detect using standard lab
>analysis. If there was semen, but few or no sperm cells, then a DNA match
>would be impossible.

>Is it possible that the conflicting media reports are based on there
>having been semen, but no sperm?   If that is the case, then the
>perpetrator is either naturally sterile, or has been vasectomized.  

>Even if the semen lacks sperm and even if the perpetrator is a
>non-secretor so that the sample cannot be blood-typed, there is may still
>be convincing evidence in the presence of semen from a vasectomized male.
> Who on the llist of suspects has had a vasectomy?  I would think that
>very few "bushy haired intruders" have vasectomies because it’s more
>commonly  a middle-class, middle-aged procedure.


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Is necessary consultation, ill in a heavy condition.

Dear Colleagues,

The physicians apply to you from Kazak Scientific Centre of pediatrics
and children’s surgery of cardio-rheumatic disoders department
Republic Kazakhstan (formar USSR). Rebublic Scientific Centre take all
serious patient from all parts of republic.
Now patient of cardio-rheumatic disordes department is taken
attention. We  ask you to acquaint with history of the case and answer
on the questions.
Our Scientific Centre not long ago use the information resources of
InterNet. Therefore, we excuse, if we misrepreseut the form of appeal.
We excuse for bad english.

Name: Asia Kuralbaeva
Age: 15 years

Diagnosis: Systemic lupus erythematosus, LE cell factor positive, III
-degree activity, lupus dermatitis, carditis, pulmonitis, hepatitis,
nephritis ( protein-hematuria version), arterial hypertension.

Suffering over a period of 3 years.
Treatments: prednisolone, since 1995 – cyclophosphane (azathioprine).
Progressive course. Since 1996 lupus nephritis with prohematuria. When
lupus crisis developed received following treatmend: 2 procedures of
hemoperfusion (hemosorption), on the fourth day after the last
procedure – pulse treatment with prednisolone 1000 mg/24h during 3
days, every other day – pulse treatment with cyclophosphane 400
mg/sq.m of body surface  i.v. during 1 hours (March, 15, 1997 ),
followed by infusion therapy.
Worsening of patient s condition during prednisolone pulse therapy and
after cyclophosphane treatment: frequent  vomiting, rise of BP,
decrease of serum sodium level, elevation of serum potassium level up
to 6.3 mEq/L, alkalosis.
Lab.tests: proteinuria up to 0,132 gm/L, elevated ESR – 53 mm in 1
hours, WBS 7,0×10^9 /L, neutrophilia – 92%, myelocytes – 1.
If necessary we can present additional laboratory data.

Now it is necessary to us to understand the following questions:  
Now can be explained the development of vomiting when there are no
signs of adrenal failure, no gastroenteropathy and the BP is relative
How may be explained intravascular hemolysis ? What treatmend is
recommended ?
Your opinion regarding treatmend with immunoglobylin and what kind of
preparation would you recommend?
Modern treatment protocol for such a patient?

Doctor Akhenbecova A.
Department cardiovascular diseases
Kazak Scientific Centre of pediatrics and children’s surgery
E-mail: iop…

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Arnold-Chiari malformation

Do you know which is the hospital in the world that has a large experience
and record of cases abaut the surgical tratment of Arnold-Chiari
Please contact

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NEJM Article on Implant Complications

Here is a new study that just came out in the NEJM that showed that 24% of
women had to have additional surgery within 5 years because of
complications. I know women who have had as many as 40 surgeries after


  N Engl J Med 1997 Mar 6; 336:677-82.



NS.-The controversy over whether breast implants cause
autoimmune disorders has received much publicity, but other
complications are also notable. This population-based study
examined complications requiring surgery among 749 residents
of Olmsted County, Minnesota, who had a first breast implant
at the Mayo Clinic between 1964 and 1991.

   During a mean follow-up of eight years, at least one
complication leading to surgery occurred in 24 percent of
the women and 19 percent of the implants. Capsular
contracture was by far the most common complication,
followed by rupture, hematoma, wound infection, and wound
seroma. Women having cosmetic implants had a much lower
complication rate than those having implants after
mastectomy for cancer or cancer prophylaxis. Complications
after cosmetic implantation clustered during the first 60
days, after which the rate leveled off; in contrast,
complications after mastectomy-related implantation
continued to accrue at a steady rate throughout the first
year after surgery. Complication rates were nearly identical
for silicone and non-silicone implants.

   Comment: A substantial minority of women having implants
require surgery for complications. Data from this study may
be useful for women weighing the benefits and risks of
breast implantation. –AS Brett.

AU.-Gabriel SE; et al.

TI.-Complications leading to surgery after breast

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OMNIFIX or buffered formalin???

Does anyone out there have any experience using Omnifix II  as a tissue
fixative, insstead of buffered formalin? I was taught by my immunohisto.
teacher, that the Omnifix was better at preserving antigens for
immunohisto. studies. Is this true? Then why does practically every paper
I read, use formalin fixed tissue when  doing their immunohistochemistry?


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Tylenol Website



Contact: Ron Schmid  McNeil Consumer Products Company  (215) 233-8146

                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


   FORT WASHINGTON, PA  (March 1997) — TYLENOL(R), the world’s leading
over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever, has launched a new site
( on the Internet where consumers and healthcare professionals
can find important information about the proper use of OTC pain medications,
common illnesses, pain management and self-care.
   The technologically sophisticated, yet user friendly, TYLENOL site is
divided into sections for consumers and healthcare professionals. This
structure allows users easy access to the type of data they are most likely to
need. A simplified navigation index and multi-frame screen design enables
users to jump from one topic to another without tedious repetition of
previously viewed screens.
   With over 125 pages of healthcare information, uses advanced
3-D animation to illustrate why patients experience the discomfort of common
illnesses and how to tell when more serious conditions may be present.  An
artificial intelligence program talks to patients about their symptoms and,
through a series of questions, helps them select the right TYLENOL product
and self-care treatments to relieve their discomfort.
   Healthcare professionals will find one of the Internet’s most extensive
discussions on the appropriate use of OTC pain relievers, complete with
research citations and a bibliography of over 80 peer-reviewed studies on
pain management.
   "Our primary motivation for creating was to share with patients
and healthcare professionals the extensive information we have gathered
through our research and development of safe, effective products," explained
Glen Griffiths, Vice President, Strategic Promotion for McNeil Consumer
Products Company, the maker of TYLENOL. "We recognized that consumers are
often confused about choices in OTC products and that professionals want to
review well-documented studies supporting the safety of OTC pain relievers.
The Internet is the first communication channel that enables us to respond
in-depth to the needs of both audiences at once."
   One area of consumer information that Griffiths expects to be highly
popular is the KidCare Guide, which is divided into the following pages:  
home safety, common child ailments, medicine cabinet checklist, infant skin
care, feeding infants, baby-sitting and daycare.
   A typical advisory from the KidCare Guide: "Some babies develop a temporary
milk intolerance when they have diarrhea. If your baby takes formula, you may
want to switch to a soy-based, lactose-free formula until your baby is
   Griffiths also hopes to use the site as an additional communications
vehicle for various McNeil campaigns.  
   "Children’s TYLENOL has recently launched a nationwide consumer safe dosing
campaign to help parents safely administer OTC medications to their children,"
he said. "Portions of that campaign, including a safe-dosing video, will be
among the first campaign elements incorporated into the TYLENOL site." also contains links to other authoritative sources of health
information. A click of a computer mouse can carry a visitor to websites for
the American Medical Association, the Arthritis Foundation, and the American
College of Rheumatology.


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Mycobacterium tuberculusis

Does MTB (alive or dead) still remain in patient body even after treatment?
Could there be any chance of picking up MTB DNA in patient with no signs of
active TB but have history of TB?                              


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Edmund's Home Page

Come visit the new Edmund’s Home Page.
Hundreds of links to all of the health care professions and a lot of
other fun stuff.
Redesigned for faster loading.
Please leave a note in our "guest book"
Thank you.

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Chloramphenicol-induced aplastic anemia

Hello everybody,

I am starting a research project looking at chloramphenicol induced aplastic

Anyone who
is just interested in this topic, don’t know anything about it, want to know
more and talk about it
or was suffered from chloramphenicol-induced aplastic anemia and want to share
your experience
or is expert in this field

can post an article here or send me an e-mail.

I would like very much to hear from you and talk about it.

Thank you.

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