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RESULT: fails 78:7

         unmoderated group fails 78:7

There were 78 YES votes and 7 NO votes, for a total of 85 valid votes.  There
were 5 abstains.  There were 13 invalidated ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.
Unless serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the group may
not be voted on again for six months.

Newsgroups line:  Information about any human blood diseases.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions about the
proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Robert Tollen <lov2…>
Mentor: Richard Miller <r…>
Votetaker: Jim Davis <j…>


Many different diseases affect blood. In the United States alone
approximately 72,000 people have sickle cell anemia with about
2,000,000 carrying the trait. There are 20,000 hemophilia patients
in the U.S. Each year, nearly 27,000 adults and more than 2,000
children in the United States learn that they have leukemia
(statistics are from NIH and Cancernet web sites). There is now
a listserv named MPD-SUPPORT-L which has 800+ recipients and has
a daily traffic of 10 to 40 postings. All postings can be seen at MPD stands
for Myelo Proliferative Disorders, which are diseases of the blood.
The myeloproliferative disorders include polycythemia vera (PV),
chronic myelogenous leukemia, agnogenic myeloid metaplasia, and
essential thrombocythemia (ET). This newsgroup will include these
plus all other diseases of the blood including sickle cell anemia.
The WWW.DEJANEWS.COM HEALTH and FITNESS discussions have been
searched with the keywords of "blood and  diseases" and no
alternate newsgroups were found to exist. Shared information on
treatment of blood diseases is important to participants because
in many instances there is a wide variety of treatments for the
same disease.  The grave seriousness of most questions and
replies significantly outweigh any fluctuation in daily traffic.
Blood diseases are so complicated that a newly diagnosed patient
deserves support and facts, no matter how rare the disease.


Many people have some form of blood disease, either detected or not.
The purpose of this newsgroup is to establish electronic media for
communication between patients, scientists and any other individuals
with interest in diseases of the blood. Such communications will
provide quick and effective means to exchange information and
knowledge, offer encouragement, and solve problems.

The newsgroup will target participants who are
afflicted with any blood disorder. Doctors, researchers, students or
anyone with interest in diseases of the blood will also be welcome.

A FAQ for new users will be posted on a regular basis.

No binary posts will be allowed.

No advertisements will be allowed.



13 ballots were received from
[] between 08:06 and 08:36 on 20 January, claiming to be from
a variety of different addresses and, curiously, all with the real names
typed entirely in lower case. Final Vote Ack — this is not a mailing list!

Voted Yes
————————————————————————— —
alex.dawson =                                            Alex Dawson
ascott ]/                                           Alan P. Scott
bill_supon (<$|                                             W. Supon
bogie {)~]                                       Boudewijn van Ingen
bouvin &                                         Niels Olof Bouvin
buff )#`                                              William Denton
carlson {,                                James Carlson
ceichler _^>                                      Charles Eichler
chriseb =(_]                                 Chris Ebenezer
cpl1 &=]                                         Corey Liss
david {+,                                              David Farrar
davidsen #                                               bill davidsen
djb }|/]                                         Dan Birchall
doc _+^                                                  Rob Wynne
dougob ^&){                                           Dave O’Brien
edward =]#>                                              Edward Reid
eg414 (~                                      Tina M. Wood
Ekkehard.Uthke ]                                         Ekkehard Uthke
ellis =~)                                                  Rick Ellis
eridani $}                                               Belinda
evert *{[#                                              Evert Meulie
finn `                                                    Robert Finn
fogazzid ^                                        Daniele Fogazzi
fran_keeling -)[+                                  Frances Keeling
fyr+news ]<)~                                 Francois RANCHIN
gardener _                                            Ann Hughes
gheston }                                       Gary L. Heston
h.slama ,                                               Heribert Slama
hfung $# CSUPomona.Edu                                               Hank Fung
ianatasm #$                                           Ian Baird
ianlivesey {                                              ian livesey
IgoneKrazy >(&|                                           Julie Refkin
jcrouch =                                             Jude Crouch
jmcgarry _=>                                         James McGarry
John_David_Galt ]|&#                                   John David Galt
jolomo /                                                 Joe Morris
julesd &]{`                                             Jules Dubois
jwootton `,                                              Jean Wootton
kamlet *((^                                          Arthur Kamlet
kb5cng ($                                           R.L. Bo Thompson
kennedy (                                  Ralph D. Kennedy
kimdv &                                                  Kim DeVaughn
kneecap *>                                              Neal Cappel
kristian.liimatainen ~*}]                        Lauri Liimatainen
lanzyg |=                                          Garrett Lanzy
lov2laf [#                                         Robert Tollen
lrf $/^&                                    Ken Campbell
mcclenon /                                              Bob McClenon
mclaudi ~[~                                     Dave McLaughlin
minhan (=/                                          Tan Min-Han
mph -[                                          Matthew Hunt
mtaylor `(                                                Mark Taylor
nhoffm ~>)=                                        Norbert Hoffmann
olav ,(&                                         Olav Nieuwejaar
qui #_                                                    jui enquien
renate.sch (&                                         Renate Schininger
richw ($/<                                               Rich Wales
rick }*)                                            Richard Miller
rockwallaby ]{#                                       Chris Thompson
rridges _=                                      Rebecca Ridges
rufinus }>=*                                        J Rufinus
sackv -(                                        Victor Sack
salazar _[)                                    Rick Salazar
SESalazar &                                              Susan Salazar
shrao *                                                    Shrisha Rao
smlucas }&_#                                           Steven Lucas
speirs =_$                                spe…
tajima {+$                                     Yasuo Tajima
tc `/ Mcs.Net                                                      Thomas Cuny
teta ]                                                 Deborah Marr
tgm }                                          Thomas G. McWilliams
trevort -|*|                                       Trevor Tymchuk
uthman ,|                                                Ed Uthman
vote-8 )                                          Tobias Erle
wakelyn -/                                              N. T. Wakelyn
wiz -]>                                                    Mike Craig
WmHBlair ~$|                                         William H. Blair
xanthian <<`                                          Kent Paul Dolan

Voted No
————————————————————————— —
gprrspw /                                             G.P. Ryan
janus +#                                                   Keith

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Locate regs, recommendations for urinalysis reflex testing

Where can I locate the latest HCFA regs and recommendations for reflex testing
of microscopic urinalysis when a dipstick is positive.  We want to make sure we
do the right thing, the right way!

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School mat

Hello, thank you for listening to my problem.
        I am a seventeen-year-old 12th. grade student at Saugus High
School in Southern California.  My problem is that the mats at my
school, which the aerobics classes use are very dirty.  I know first
hand because I am in the class and use them.  They are as old as the
school, more than thirty years if I’m not mistaken.  Before aerobics was
offered the mats were used in wrestling, for almost 15 years.  In
addition to that, for the last 10 years the cheerleaders have been using
them to practise their stunts on.  Considering those two factors, I’m
sure you can immagine how dirty they are.  Twice in the last three years
aerobics students have acquired a skin infection from these mats; both
time scabies.  My question for you is what possible dangers (health
risks)are there in continuing to use these mats.  I’ve asked my teacher
why we don’t get new ones if they are so disgusting.  She told me they
cost too much and suggested I bring a towel.  I did; however, even now
I’m worried about catching something from my towel.  Now I don’t know if
I’m blowing this out of proportion but if the school can’t supply
sanitary mats for the students, perhaps they shouldn’t offer the class.
I ask your advice because if there is a problem, I want to present my
argument to the school board based on scientific medical facts, not
merely on my feelings. In using these mats, is there a risk to students’
health?  If so, please explain.  Thank you for taking your time to
                                                Shannon Mercogliano

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ISO research subjects

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Neurology is
looking for healthy, normal subjects to participate in language/memory
subjects.  Compensation ranges from $7-12/hour, studies last a minimum of
1 1/2 hrs.

*English must be the first language you learned
*You must be right handed
*You must not be taking sedatives/antidepressants
*You must not suffer from seizures or any neurological condition
*You must not be claustrophobic or have metal in your body (for MRI studies)

If you are interested, please call Ayanna: 215-349-5863

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cystic kidney

If a newborn with bilateral polycystic kidney   has no any
pathological findings in liver tissue, can we consider the
diagnosis as infantile polycystic kidney disease?

* Sent from AltaVista Where you can also find related Web Pages, Images, Audios, Videos, News, and Shopping.  Smart is Beautiful

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                   U L T R A M E D,  I N C.
                    Grosse Pointe Farms
                        MI 48236
              email: ultrame…


        ULTRAMED, INC. has available for immediate sale equipment as
described in attached INVENTORY LIST NO. 20112.  All equipment has been
used in research and/or clinical applications.  Note: complete list
is approx. twelve pages.

        Many of these items are priced as low as ten percent of original
cost.     We believe that this represents exceptional value for quality
equipment from leading manufacturers.  The equipment is believed to be
in very good to excellent operating condition but is offered on an AS IS
basis at these prices.

        Call or write for further information.  Thanking you and
hoping that we may be able to help with your equipment needs.

                                INVENTORY LIST

                                NO. 20112

ACUSON 128-XP10 Ultrasound System.  With color doppler, color B-Mode,
Cine and PW doppler.  Comes with up to ELEVEN probes covering virtually
all vascular and general abdominal imaging applications.  Software rev.
23.143.  With Sony color printer, VTR and optional IIE camera.
With any combination of (4)  L, V or S suffix probes as show below
$18,500.00.   If the C-366 probe is substituted add $2,000.00.

ACUSON probes that are available include:  C-366,  V-328,  L-538, L-7384,
L-558, S-519, S-228, L-382, and L-312.  Offered only with the 128-XP-10
at this time.

SHIMADZU Model SDU-700  Sector/Linear Diagnostic Ultrasound System.  With
Doppler and (1) 3.5 Mhz Sector Probe, (1) 2.5 Mhz Sector probe with CW/PW
Doppler, (1) Sony UP-850 printer and optional  VTR.   Does echo-
cardiography,  general purpose abdominal applications, and doppler echo.
This is an exceptionally clean system with very versatile capabilities.
All imaging probes are phased array sector type for trouble free imaging.
                                   EXCEPTIONAL VALUE           $MAKE OFFER$

BIOSOUND "PHASE II" Vascular imaging system.  With 10 Mhz PHASAR probe.
Extremely high resolution vascular imaging.  Ideal for research and/or
general vascular imaging. Both in-line and side-looking doppler.
Biosound 256 gray level technology and ultra-high (0.2mm) resolution
provide exceptional image clarity and detail. (2) units are
available.             $4,500.00 ea.

BRUEL & Kjaer (B&K) Model 1849 scanner with Model 8538 end
fire endo-cavity (7.0 Mhz) imaging transducer.  Nice clean unit
but probe has been modified for Veterinary medicine use only.  $3,000.00
Other probes, if standard B&K types, will qualify the Model
1849 for use in human medicine.

PROSCAN by TEKNAR (Now Carolina Electronics) Prostate scanner
with bi-plane trans-rectal probe.                              $2,750.00

equipment is usually available at our client facilities or is
in stock.  Call for current availability.

ATL PROBES Models 722A and 723A for MK-300/MK-600 systems.      call for $

IMEX Model 301-P Vascular doppler system with 8.0 Mhz. doppler
transducer and strip chart recorder.                           $  750.00

IMEX "POCKET DOP-II" Fetal heart beat dopplers ( 3.0 Mhz). Can also
be used for vascular work with 8Mhz probe available from IMEX. $  300.00 Ea

MULTIGON Model 500A CW doppler unit.  Was used for vascular
and umbilical cord doppler studies.  An integral spectrum
analyzer provides bi-directional doppler traces and output can
be recorded on VTR or Printer (not included).  Comes with
5.0 Mhz CW doppler probe.     $650.00

PARKS Model 806-CA Bi-Directional doppler with 9.0 Mhz probe. $500.00

HEMODAYNAMICS Model AV-1000 Peripheral vascular diagnostic
system.  Designed to indicate the presence of deep vein
thrombosis or venus incompetence.   This system uses Light
Reflection Rheography to measure microscopic changes in the
dermal plexus that occur when a limb is exercised.  Operation
is similar to photo plethysmography or impedance plethysmography
but the mfg. claims more sensitivity.    $1,500.00

MATRIX 1010-6  VIDEO IMAGER.  The 1010-6 is a six on one
microprocessor controlled multi format imager for use with
ultrasound, C-Arms, Nuclear medicine and other electronic
imaging systems.   Uses 8" x 10" BW film.  Also IIE units. INQUIRE


MDE "ESCORT" Model E102  ECG and two inv. pressure inputs.
Self contained strip chart recorder and digital freeze.
Nice compact portable monitor.     $INQUIRE

SPACELABS Model 90623A  ECG,  (2) Pressure (2) Temperature and
respiration channel.  With 90651 recorder. Trend feature.       $  850.00

SPACELABS Model 90623A Same as above except no recorder.        $  600.00

SPACELABS Model 90603A  ECG, (2) Pressure (2) Temperature and
pulse (plethysmography type) with 90651 recorder and trend.     $  850.00

SPACELABS Model 514 with 551 recorder.  Does ECG, Pulse,
(2) Pressure and temperature. Has trend feature.                $  750.00

SPACELABS (Tektronix) Model 414 Opt. 21 Monitor.                $  325.00

AIR-SHIELDS Model AS-461 Neonatal monitor. No recorder.         $  450.00
Designed to monitor ECG, Respiration, Apnea and Temp.

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78354-C Patient monitor.  ECG with
trends amd two invasive pressure channels.   This is the
latest revision of the 78354 series monitors.   $  950.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78354-A Patient monitor.  ECG with
non-invasive blood pressure and one channel of invasive
pressure.  With H.P. Model 78173W strip chart recorder.         $1,100.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78353-A Patient Monitor.  ECG, (2)
invasive pressures, (2) Temperature inputs. *                   $  650.00
With H.P. Model 78172A (2) channel recorder.*                   $  800.00
H.P. 78339 carts are also available.

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78801 Neonate monitors.  ECG & RESP. $  450.00

ZOLL Model NTP-1000 ECG monitor with PACER.  Has built in strip
chart recorder, adjustable alarm limits and fully variable
external pacer (0 – 140 MA).     INQUIRE


DATASCOPE ‘ACCUSAT’ Pulse Oximeter.  With Finger probe.  $  350.00

NELLCOR N-100C Pulse Oximeters.  5 button model.  Can supply
with or without new preamp cable and finger sensor.  INQUIRE

NELLCOR N-1000 Pulse Oximeter with CO2 monitoring capability. INQUIRE


MARQUETTE "CASE 12" Stress Test System with Marquette 1800
treadmill.   System is in exceptional condition.                $6,500.00
Comes with Y2K upgrade software (Marquette Pt.#901185-001).


CARDIAC CARE UNITS Model COMPASS XM digital holter system. INQUIRE

DMI "SIMPLICITY-I" Compact full disclosure holter monitor.
Provides a full disclosure report automatically.  Comes with
a Spacelabs  Model 90205 Holter recorder..                      $2,450.00

HOLTER RECORDERS Spacelabs Models 90205 and 90201                INQUIRE


MENNEN Telemetry system.  (4) Patient system with (4)
transmitters and central station receiver w/ recorder.          $1,600.00

QUINTON Q-TEL-400 Telemetry system.  Four channel system with
Three transmitters included.  Many features.                    $2,250.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Telemetry sets Model 78100/78101. Transmitter
and matching receiver.                 (6) available)           $  450.00 ea

with TOCO and Ultrasound transducers.  78100 receiver with
80140 adapter for connection to 8040 Fetal monitor.  Can be
used as stand alone units (for research applications only)
with suitable power supply for 80140.     (2) sets available    $  500.00 ea


HEWLETT-PACKARD 78801B Neonate monitors.  These are ideal for
vet medicine.  ECG, and respiration channels.            $  450.00

TEKTRONIX 413A Neonate monitors.  ECG, Pressure and Respiration.$  350.00 Ea

TEKTRONIX 408 ECG monitors.  Basic unit.   $  200.00

MENNEN Model 744 Patient Monitors.  ECG only. Storage scope.    $  285.00 Ea

MENNEN Patient Monitor with recorder.  Does ECG & Respiration.  $  275.00 D

MENNEN Model 740 with recorder. ECG only.                       $  375.00

Note:  Patient cables are not included with VET monitors
but we can supply customized cable sets with alligator clips
or other electrodes of your choice at additional cost.


MORTARA ELI 100 /STM portable interpretive electrocardiograph.
Acquires and prints a 12 lead ECG at the touch of a single key.
Include the ST option which provides continuous ST segment
monitoring with alarms and printout if the ST segment exceeds
preset limits.  We have a number of these fine units available. INQUIRE

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model  M1701A "PageWriter XLs" Simultaneous
acquisition of up to 16 leads.  3, 6, or 12 Channel
continuous recording.  Full alpha numeric keyboard for
input of Patient data.  ECG’s can be stored on standard
1.44 meg floppy disks.      INQUIRE

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 4760A ‘PAGEWRITER’ Electrocardiograph.
Full alphanumeric keyboard to input Patient data.  Advanced
signal processing and internal ECG storage.  Convenient
one page records of 12 lead ECG.  Full operator control
over recording formats.      $1,200.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 4700A ‘PAGEWRITER’ Electrocardiograph.
Basic 12 Lead ECG.      $1,000.00

CARDIOLINE ‘DELTA 30D’ compact INTERPRETIVE 12 lead ECG. $1,250.00

(12) lead ECG.  Compact unit with the world renowned quality
of Nihon-Kohden. Many features.                                 $1,500.00

compact unit.  AC or Battery operation.  Many features.  $1,250.00

CAMBRIDGE VS-550 EKG single channel.                            $  350.00

CAMBRIDGE VS-550E EKG single channel.    $  385.00

CAMBRIDGE (Picker) Model CM-3000 ten lead (3) channel ECG       $  650.00

BURDICK E-310 ten lead (3) channel ECG.                         $1,150.00

MARQUETTE MAC-I three channel 12 lead EKG.                      $  250.00 D

CAMBRIDGE VS-500 Single Channel ECG.  Some cosmetic
damage on case but works fine. Good Vet unit.                   $  185.00

FUKUDA-DENSHI compact portable ECG. Battery operated with
ac charger.  (4" X 6" X 9") Ideal for field work. (1) channel   $  275.00

SEISMED "SEISMOCARDIOGRAPH" Model SCG-2000.  This is a highly
specialized instrument that combines ECG with SEISMOCARDIOGRAPHY
for increased diagnostic accuracy.  A preliminary multi center trial
validated  this technology in 1992.  This unit sold for over
$20,000.00 in 1992 and appears in pristine condition. Ideal for
research.                                                       $1,200.00


HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78171A Strip Chart Recorder.              $  150.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78534C Monitor/Terminal with 78553A
Pressure module.  Does (2) Channels of EKG and Two Pressures
and Two Temperature inputs.                                     $  750.00

STRIP CHART RECORDERS: a variety of H.P. recorders are available.  INQUIRE


PHYSIO-CONTROL ‘Lifestat 200′ NIBP with printer.                $  750.00

AIR-SHEILDS (Healthdyne) Model BP-203NA. NIBP with printer.     $  350.00

DATASCOPE ACCUTOR-2A NIBP monitor (no printer)                  $  650.00

CRITIKON Model 847XT Neonate N.I.B.P. monitors. Ideal for
veterinary medicine.                                            $  550.00 Ea

CRITIKON Model 845 N.I.B.P. monitor. With hose and cuff.        $  450.00

PHYSIO-CONTROL ‘LIFESTAT 100′ NIBP. With charger.  This unit
is ‘beat up’ cosmetically but works fine.                       $  200.00

KENDALL  System 9200 N.I.B.P. monitors with cuff.               $  225.00 D


ZOLL Model PD-1200 Defibrillator with Pacing, monitor and
strip chart recorder.   Looks like new.      INQUIRE

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 43110A with monitor and strip chart
recorder.                                  (3) units available    INQUIRE

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78660A Defibrillator with monitor
strip chart recorder and charger.                                 INQUIRE

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78619 Defibrillator. NO MONITOR.            INQUIRE

HEWLETT-PACKARD  Model 78672A Defibrillator NO MONITOR with
Model 78668 charger base.       INQUIRE

Note: Operating (open heart) paddles are available for the
43110A  defibs.  DEFIBRILLATORS sold only to
qualified EMS, BIOMED or other medical professionals.


PERIMED Model PF-3 PeriFlux Laser Doppler perfusion monitor.
This unit shows very little use and is ideal for research
perfusion studies.                                               $1,500.00

VASAMEDICS Model BPM-403 Laser Blood perfusion monitor.
This unit was received missing the *required* probe which
is available from the mfg. at additional cost.    INQUIRE

GRASS Model 8-10C ten channel EEG system.  With Master Electrode
montage selector and several Pt. cable junction boxes.  Nice
system for biofeedback or research applications.  Very clean.    $1,850.00

GRASS Model 8-10B Eight channel EEG system.  With Master Electrode
montage selector and several Pt. cable junction Boxes.  Nice
clean system for biofeedback or research.    $1,650.00

TECA Model EP-40 Evoked Response System.  Does BAER (Brainstem
auditory evoked response), SEP (Somatosensory Evoked response)
and VEP (visual evoked response> testing.  With ST-10 multi
function stimulator, XY recoder and roll around stand.  Very
nice system.  Many research and/or clinical applications.        $3,250.00

GRASS Model S10CTCM-A Auditory click-tone stimulator.   $  600.00


ARZCO Model 7A Transesophageal cardiac stimulator with AREZCO
Model 3 Preamp.  (ARZCO is now Cardio Command Systems)  INQUIRE

PURITAN-BENNETT (DATEX) CO2 Monitors.  Model 223 and others.    $  450.00 Ea

SARAcap Capnograph CO2 monitor with many features.              $  650.00

BAUM Blood Pressure manometers (mercury wall mount units) (18)  $   40.00 Ea

WELCH-ALYN Model 74710 Wall mount power unit with otoscope
and opthalmoscope.                                              $  350.00

SIEMENS Model ‘Ultratherm 608′ Diathermy unit. 27 Mhz           $  600.00 D

BECKMAN Model R-611 (8) Channel Physiological recorder.         $  500.00 D
This unit could be ideal for sleep studies or biofeedback.

JOBST Compression unit.                                         $  200.00 D

HARVARD APPARATUS CO. Model 613 Large animal positive pressure
ventilator.                                                       INQUIRE

VITAL-STAT  ’CALORIMETER’ VVR (Vital Signs Distributes)         $  500.00


HUMPHREY Model 410 AUTO-KERATOMETER.  System looks new.  $1,650.00

TITMUS Model OV7M Vision Screener (professional Model)          $  350.00

TITMUS II  Vision Screener with Automatic Control. Includes
Pediatric slide set.      $  450.00

ZEISS Model 30SL-M SLIT LAMP.  Extremely clean unit. Standard
oculars have been replaced with Zeiss 10 WF.   $  850.00


COLPOSCOPES  Several mfg.’s and models are usually available.     INQUIRE

COLPOSCOPE Model 1000 by Berkeley Bio-Engineering Inc.          $  800.00

INTERMED Model SXR-70U High resolution imaging recorders.
Use SVHS or VHS format.  Ultra high resoulution B&W only
for imaging applications.  These are modified Panasonic
AG-7350 high quality recorders.  (2) units available. 220 V. $  750.00 ea

SONY Model VO-5600 High Resolution VTR for imaging applications
Broadcast quality recorders.  Umatic Format.                    $  550.00 Ea

ZIMMER Model 666 Dermatome with three heads and motor.          $  375.00

ELMED  ’ENDODYNE’ Model 4060 and 4075 Muscle stimulator with
vacum lead and vacum pump assembly.  Current Elmed model.       $  750.00

MUSCLE STIMULATORS for physical therapy applications. Have
both regulated voltage and reg. current types.  (3) available.  Call for $$

EMPI "LOGIX" 712-P Command Set and Personal stimulator.  This
personal stimulator is programmed by the command set which can
also be used as a stand alone stimulator.  Nice clean unit.     $  600.00

BIRD MARK-7 and MARK-8 Respirators.  UNTESTED                   $ Inquire

PICKER two light Xray viewing box. New condition.               $  175.00


OLYMPUS Model OBV-1 Camera for endoscopy applications with
OLYMPUS Model OEV-142 High Resolution monitor. Looks New. INQUIRE

LEISEGANG  Hysteroscopy system with 2.7mm ridgid HYSTEROSCOPE
(30′), Sheath & obturator, Light source and insufflator. $2,800.00

LEISEGANG Colposcope. Similar to current model 1-H.  INQUIRE

OLYMPUS Model PF-27M ultra thin fiberoptic scope.  Eyepiece
needs repair.  With Olympus case.  Original cost $12,000.00     $1,000.00

CUDA 150/300, STRYKER "OrthoBeam", EDER 600 and MORGAN.         Inquire

OLYMPUS Model CLE-F10 Halogen light source with Xeon flash
for photography.  For endoscopy applications.                   $  750.00

OLYMPUS Model CLK-4 Light source with air pump.                 $  425.00

OLYMPUS ILK-3 light source.                                     $  300.00

WOLF Model 4046.00 Light source.              (2) available     $  350.00 Ea


MADSEN Model ZS76 Impedance audiometer with acoustic audiometer $  500.00

AMERICAN ELECTROMEDICS Tympanometer with audiometer capability. $  450.00

MAICO Model MA-19 Screening audiometer.                         $  350.00

WELCH-ALYN "MICROTYMP-2" Tympanometer with charger base and
printer.  Needs calibration and tip replaced.   $  350.00

BAXTER COM-2 Cardiac output monitors. Disposable sensor req’d.  $  350.00

RJL SYSTEMS Model BIA-103 Impedance Analyzer.                    INQUIRE

AMERICAN OPTICAL "Project-O-Chart"  Needs new media strip.      $  100.00

PROCEDURE and OPERATING LAMPS.  A variety of portable units
are available.                                                   INQUIRE


AMERICAN OPTICAL Model One-Twenty "Microstar" microscope. With
10X WF Oculars, and 2.5X, 4.0X, 10X, 20X, 40X and 100X O.I.      INQUIRE
All above  objectives are the superb A.O. PLAN achromats.

AMERICAN OPTICAL (Spencer) Binocular microscope. 10X  Oculars
and 10X, 40X and 90X O.I. Objectives.                           $  550.00

ZEISS PHOTOMICROSCOPE I and II.  Two units are available.  These
prime examples of German craftsmanship are in fine shape and
include many  objective lens.  They are both setup with dual
light sources (mercury and halogen or mercury and incadescent).
One scope is equipped with Epi fluorescense filters and condenser.
Some accessory items are also available.  These scopes are, perhaps,
the finest ever built.  Virtually impossible to duplicate today.
A variety of objectives are available for the PHOTOMICROSCOPE’s.
Price would vary with objectives selected.   INQUIRE

ZEISS "PLANAPO OBJECTIVE" 63X / 1.4 N.A.  160mm /-.  This is one of
the finest and most sought after objectives ever manufactured.  The
one we have is the newer, wide body, laser etched "ZEISS", objective
(Pt.# 4618-40-9901).  Last ZEISS price was $5,800.00.            $2,250.00

ZEISS "PLANAPO" Objective.  100X / 1.3 N.A. 160mm/-.  Another
primo Zeiss objective lens.                                      $1,000.00

KRAMER SCIENTIFIC CORP. Model XM-160 Projecting microscope.  This
system uses a Leitz Laborlux microscope and a custom XEON light
source to project bright microscope images at distances up to
20 feet (dark room).   With 4.0X EF objective and 25X APO obj.   $1,250.00

LKB Model 7801-B GLASS KNIFE MAKER.  Used to make glass knives
for ultra-micrtomes.  Excellent for improving electron microscopy
sample preparation.       $1,200.00


and UV ranges from 200nm / 900nm.  With printer interface.
Can be user programmed for specialized tests.  With five
cases of cuvettes.         INQUIRE

HEAT SYSTEMS (‘Branson’) Model 225W SONICATOR.  Ultrasound
cell disruptor.  Comes with sound dampening enclosure and
‘CUP HORN Model 431A. Extra horns and parts from another
unit can be included as an option.    $  850.00

BECKMAN "APPRAISE" Scanning Densiometer electrophoresis
plate reader.  Performs a variety of tests.                        INQUIRE

LABLINE Model 13000 water bath.  SS tub, top and side panels.   $  275.00

speed and capacity.                                             $  350.00

AMERICAN OPTICAL (A.O.) Model 820 MICROTOME.  The industry
standard for histology sectioning.    We have several of these
fine units available priced from $1,400.00/$1,650.00.              INQUIRE

SORVAL (Porter Blum) Model MT-1 ULTRA-MICROTOME complete with
AO (Amer.Optical) Binocular stereo microscope 10X-to-40X &
stand with light.                                               $1,200.00

SORVAL (Porter Blum) MT-1 ULTRA-MICROTOME.  Does not include
microscope.                                                     $  250.00 D

SORVAL GLC-3 Centrifuge with HL-4 Rotor and (4) six place
holders PN 00565.                                               $  550.00

CLAY-ADAMS "DYNAC" centrifuge.  With 6 place holder & SS tubes. $  650.00

CLAY-ADAMS SERO-FUGE Centrifuge                                 $  350.00

CLAY-ADAMS SERO-FUGE II Centrifuge (dual speed)                 $  375.00

COLE PALMER Model 8373-10 single channel 250mm flatbed recorder $  450.00

GILFORD STASAR III Spectrophotometer covers 312/727 nm          $  450.00

SYVA (GILFORD) STASAR III Spectrophotometer covers 312/727 nm   $  500.00

SORVAL (Dupont) GLC-4 CENTRIFUGE with HL1000 rotor and
(4) twenty tube buckets.                                        $  650.00

HAMILTON-BELL Model 1750 Centrifuge. 4 place rotor 3300 rpm.    $  175.00

YSI Tele-Thermometer with probe.      New Condition.            INQUIRE

ORION Model 811 PH meter.                                       $  350.00

CORNING Model 6 portable PH meter.                              $  125.00

CORNING Model 5 PH Meter                                        $  100.00

NOTE:  PH meters do not include electrodes as these are
normally application specific.


SINGER MODEL NM 17/27  RFI-EMI  (Radio Interference) RECEIVER.
Covers 10 Khz / 32 Mhz in 8 bands.  Sensitivity specified at
.01 microvolt to 1.0 V.  This unit was received NEW and
unused from the U.S. Govt.  Original cost over $33,000.00.
This receiver has incredible sensitivity and along with its
RFI-EMI functions it makes a great general coverage receiver.   $1,850.00

EATON MODEL NM 17/27A -SL  RFI-EMI (Radio Interference)
RECEIVER.  Same basic spec’s. as NM 17/27 shown above but a
later model with improved features. UNUSED – NEW EQUIPMENT      $3,500.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Spectrum analyzer. Models 141T, 8552B,
8553B (0/110Mhz RF), 8556A (O/300Khz).                          $1,750.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 7046A X-Y Recorder.                       $1,000.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD PLOTTERS                       HP Model 7470    $  150.00
                                               HP Model 7475    $  250.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 8005-B Pulse Generator.                   $  250.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 8015A Pulse Generator.   Unused.          $  850.00

HOUSTON INSTRUMENTS "OMNIGRAPHIC 2000" X-Y Plotter.             $  650.00

ABBOTT "VISION" Clinical chemistry analyzer.  Does most common
clinical tests including cholesterol, tryglycerides, glucose,
bun, and many others.                                           $  750.00

COMPUTER EQUIPMENT:  Loads of PS-2 units including models
70-386, 80-386, 56SX, 55SX, 30-286,and 30-286 upgraded to 386SX   Inquire D
Computers are offered for pickup at our facility only.

486-66 and  Pentium 75/90 computers w/svga monitors. Will donate
to charitable institutions when medical equipment is purchased.   Inquire D

Fluke Model 332-B DC Voltage Standard.
Specified accuracy .002%. Microvolt to 1100 v DC at 50Ma.       $   750.00

Fluke Model 5200A a.c. Calibrators.  NEW unused units           $ 2,800.00
Last Fluke price was over $12,000.00 each.(87/88 Mfg. dates)

Fluke Model 731-B DC voltage standards.    $   300.00

HEALTHDYNE Model 5000 ECG and RESPIRATION simulators. Compact
battery operated unit with variable ECG and respiration
parameters.  NEW UNUSED surplus.                                $   375.00

COLE-PALMER Flat-Bed Recorder.  Single channel. Model 8373-10. $   500.00

Hewlett-Packard Model 3964-A Instrumentaion Recorder.  Four
channels with six speeds from 15/32"IPS to 15 i.p.s.  Exc.
for biomed research or physiology studies.   $ 1,250.00

Hewlett-Packard Model 3960-A Portable FM tape recorder. Rugged
four track 3 speed unit.  This instrumentation recorder has been
very lightly used and looks excellent.       $   650.00

EIP Model 351D Microwave counter.    $   750.00

FLUKE Model 1953A Counter (125 Mhz)    $   325.00

ESI Model DB-62 Resistance decade box.  0/11,000 ohms in
.01 ohm steps.  UNUSED.      $   500.00

BIO-TEK Instruments UW-II Ultrasound Wattmeter.  Measures
therapeutic output power up to 2 mHz.  Needs Membrane.     INQUIRE

Other test equipment is also available.                           INQUIRE


All equipment is offered AS-IS, F.O.B. Grosse Pointe Farms, MI – subject
to prior sale.  NO WARRANTIES are expressed or implied.  None of this
equipment is offered or sold for use in life support and/or critical
care applications in human medicine.   We believe *most* of the equipment
on this list is Y2K compliant or can be made so through software upgrades.
Check with the equipment manufacturer for final Y2K based decisions.

We supply some of the leading research facilities in the U.S.A. and our
customers have ALWAYS indicated that equipment received from us has by
far exceeded their expectations for value and quality.   Our long term
customers include Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School,
and other major research facilities.   Our daily goal is our customers
complete satisfaction.   Our disclaimers notwithstanding, we are unaware
of a single unsatisfied customer in over six years of selling quality
surplus equipment over the Internet.

There are many items available that may not have been itemized at the time
this list was posted.  Inquire with any of your special equipment needs.
Give us a call if you need further information.

We are interested in supporting medical and scientific research projects
and will consider donating or loaning equipment for projects that meet our

All equipment is set up and operating and can be inspected at our
Michigan facilities BY APPOINTMENT.   Call or email for further information.

Special pricing consideration will be given to BULK orders.  Call for a
quotation.   On items marked with a "D" after the price, we will consider
donating to any bonafide charitable organization with IRS tax free status,
excluding any packing or shipping charges.  Reasonable offers will be
considered on some items.

Thank you,
Gil Groehn, General Manager
(LST 20-0128)
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Phone:  ac 313  884-1139
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AJKD Forum a good source of answers to kidney questions!

I wonder whether readers might consider posting kidney disease questions
to AJKD Forum. See and then click on "discussion
We would welcome patient and patient family messages as long as
they are non-offensive, non-commercial, and have to do with kidney
medicine including transplantation.  Many features are possible there
including the posting of pictures, smileys etc. and you will see that
the quality of answers has been very high.

When you look at the Forum set the selection bar at top to "Show topics
from last 100 days" and then you will be able to see all the messages
since the late October ’99 (also listed below).  Feel free to reply to
any of  the messages or to start your own topic.  Replying will bring
that topic to
the top of the list.  Anything related to the kidney is a legitimate topic.

So I look forward to hearing from you at AJKD Forum!

All the best. – Kim Solez, M.D. Moderator, AJKD Forum




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           10-27-99 01:15 PM
                    Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome



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Need help interpreting brain CAT scan

An elderly person in my family has had several episodes of fainting
over a period of four or five years.  We’ve never been able to
pinpoint a cause. (more details and history follow the CAT scan

The obvious question about her fainting is whether she is having
TIAs or not. Her most recent CAT scan states the following:

"The ventricles and cortical sulci are moderately to markedly
enlarged consistent with atrophy and diffuse white matter disease.
The paraventricular white matter disease extending superiorly in the
corona radiata into the centrum semiovalae is nodular with the
appearance of numerous lacunar infarcts.  There is also a suggestion
of some ischemic changes in the brain stem.  There is no edema or
mass effect.  Specifically, there is no evidence of mass in the
right temporal lobe.  The visualized paranasal sinuses and orbits
are normal."

"Impression: Moderate to severe atrophy with extensive diffuse and
nodular symmetrical periventricular white matter disease, most
consistent with ischemic changes."


Does this mean she’s been having TIAs after all?

Should she take some kind of anticoagulant like aspirin?

Would this type of atrophy be expected to cause cognitive changes?
(She’s been slowing down a little lately, and repeats old stories,
but she’s oriented, memory for recent events is good and has nothing
else that would suggest Alzheimer’s or other dementia.)

Her balance is bad.  Would that be due to this kind of change?


She has had three episodes of fainting. Episodes of fainting
previous to the most recent one involved her feeling dizzy and then
waking up on the ground looking up at a bunch of concerned faces.
One episode happened while standing in line for a long time.  This
caused the doctor to suggest it was vasodepressor syncope (she does
have swollen ankles and venous stasis).  Another episode, however,
occurred while she was sitting down.  She was at a homeless shelter
passing out food, felt "funny", and told people she had to go home
early.  She then got up, tried to walk to her car and keeled over a
few feet away.  The episodes seem to last about 10-15 seconds.

The most recent fainting spell was at the end of October. This
episode was markedly different from other ones.  Instead of just
outright fainting, she sat down suddenly because she felt weak.  She
then had a kind of "waking dream" where she thought she was helping
someone move furniture and called out for help.  This lasted 10-15
seconds, afterwards she was perfectly fine and there has not been a
repeat episode in 4 months.

We previously thought her fainting might be due to medication, since
she’s been on anti-cholinergics for a bladder problem.  At the time
of the first two episodes, she was on ditropan.  The dizziness
stopped when she discontinued the ditropan and had no further
episodes for about a year.  The most recent – and different –
episode occurred after she began taking imipramine for the same
bladder problem. She has had no repeat episodes since discontinuing
the imipramine; however, she’s only been off it for a couple of

Physical findings:

Carotid doppler is normal.  Holter and regular EKG are normal except
for left bundle branch block of long standing. No arrthymias,
murmurs or obvious cardiac abnormalities. No other neuro signs. EEG
is normal.  


She takes levothyroxin for hypothyroidism, was a little hypothyroid
recently but the dosage was changed and she was euthyroid at the
time this fainting episode occurred.  Has recently discontinued HRT.
Takes ibuprofen for arthritis.  She also takes a variety of
antioxidant vitamins for macular degeneration and the herb bilberry.
 (There’s not a whole lot of research on bilberry, but it decreases
vascular permeability, suggesting that, if it has any effect at all,
it would counteract venous stasis.)


She is 74 years old.

She just underwent radical hysterectomy and lymph node sampling for
endometrial cancer (last week, actually). We were concerned about
the possibility of a brain metastasis, but there doesn’t seem to be
anything to support that theory.   In addition to the CAT scan
stating there was no mass, the path report states that the cancer
was Stage I, grade 2.  The tumor was smaller than 3 mm and was less
than one sixth of the way into the myometrium, with no involvement
of the lower uterine segment.  Lymph nodes are clean.  

She survived septic shock from cellulitis in 1994, had a bout of
sepsis from a UTI in 1998 (did NOT lead to shock, fortunately).  Has
frequent UTIs.  She has slight osteoporosis on chest X-ray, for
which the doctor has recommended increased calcium intake since she
can no longer take estrogen.

I’m open to comments and ideas.

Please send me an e-mail copy of any replies you post to the


"The trick is to keep an open mind, without it being so open
                   that your brain falls out"

                    Camilla Cracchiolo
                     Registered Nurse
                  Los Angeles, California


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Buerger disease

Surgical treatment: Yes or no. Why?

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E-Coli Present in Large #'s–no infection???

Just had a urine culture done and the fellow was surprised I could have so much
e-coli in the specimen, with no infection present. I was being evaluated for
cystitis. It was a clean catch, with a stop and start preparatory void, and a
mid stream sample 3 hours latter with the area well scrubbed. Someone had
mentioned it’s possible for the e-coli, to mask another pathogen, that would
show after the e-coli is taken care off. Another culture is being done after.

Would e-coli still cause symptoms, with no infection present? Levaquin taken
for 10 days didn’t knock it out in June. Going to try Cipro.

I had read where an e-coli infection in the digestive track resolves in about
5-10 days by itself. Is it possible for e-coli to live in the bladder or
urethra for months, or is it constant reinfection do you think?

Would welcome any thoughts on this. Please also e-mail if you can! Thanks ; ).

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