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BioClinical Concepts, Inc. (BCC) specializes in serving the Physician Office Laboratory (POL).

BioClinical Concepts, Inc. (BCC) specializes in serving the Physician Office
Laboratory (POL).

Utilizing the latest technology, BCC offers a wide range of services which
include consultation, equipment, computerization, and management.

Every prospective client of BCC receives a detailed financial analysis of
the current laboratory operation at no charge and with no obligation.

Maximum efficiency, quality, convenience and profits
are the goals of each laboratory management contract.

Quarterly operational and financial reports enable
administration to know exactly how well the clinic laboratory is performing.

BioClinical has helped many clinics turn their laboratory into a top
quality, highly profitable operation.

Equipment is rented allowing the clinic to upgrade or remove equipment as

The laboratory information system is interfaced to all automated equipment
which allows unified reporting, cumulative patient results, utilization
reports, financial reports, and QC reports on an as-needed basis.

On-site laboratory manager who is a BCC employee, ensures
compliance with all policies and procedures.

Standard operating procedures in the NCCLS format.

BCC will assist in the planning and outfitting of the existing laboratory
space or a new site, at no extra charge.

Because BioClinical Concepts is part of Clinical Chemistry Holdings, Inc.,
BCC has superior purchasing power which provides further savings fc the
clinic laboratory.

BCC clients are our best reference!

At BioClinical Concepts, Inc.,
Our Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

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>>>Medical RESEARCH Equipment<<<

We have available an extensive inventory of
pre-owned medical, scientific, laboratory and
electronics equipment most of which is ideal for
research applications.

Check out our list of available items at the following


Looking forward to your visit and hoping that we may be
able to help with some of your equipment needs,

Ultramed, Inc.

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Job Opening – Sales

SYSWARE Healthcare Systems is a leading edge information systems solutions
provider to reference laboratories and hospitals since 1989.

Currently we have opening for sales position in sales terrotories in USA and
Cananda. If you are interested with appropriate experience and
qualifications, please forward your resume to mailto:person…

Visit for more information


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Lab Reagents

SMI, offers reagents for the Clinical Laboratory :
1.  Monoclonal Antisera (ABO) for Blood Typing and Grouping
2.  Cassette tests for detecting Infectious Diseases
3.  Meter and Test Strips for the Determination of Blood Glucose
4.  For prices, special offers, color photos and other products please
contact:  smi…  
Many thanks and we await your response.

(We also offer, CLINICA, a general publication prepared in chapter form
and sent by E-mail, at NO COST.  To be placed on our mailing list also
contact:  smi… )

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Help with lab test

The doctor I am transcribing a report for said he will test the patient’s alpha
 OMPC.  Help?  I cannot reference this anywhere.

Thanks in advance,


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 Posted on Postdoctoral Website (
 Posting# 301630

genomics approaches to identify host factors involved in HIV
replication. The applicant will make use of combinatorial ribozyme
libraries and yeast two-hybrid to identify HIV inhibitory cell factors.
He or she will also utilize proteinchip technology (Ciphergen) to
characterize these putative cell factors. Applicants should have a
solid background in molecular biology. Experience with HIV is
desirable. Send curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of three
references to: Dr. Juan Lama, Department of Medicine, University of
California, San Diego. 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, California 92093-
0665; Tel: (858)822-4211 Fax: (858)534-7743, e-mail: jl…

University Job Bank

UJobBank — Jobs for U

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Viral or Bacterial?

What are some of the sure signs for distinguishing between a viral and
bacterial respiratory infection?

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Should one stop using cortisone nasal spray during a common cold? And, new medicines for the common cold.

In looking at the Medscape article

One sees some new medicines being tested which have shown promise in
combating the cold virus. Does anyone know if any of these medicines are
available yet?

Also, or those of us who regularly use cortisone nasal spray for nasal
rhinitis, this article makes one wonder whether one should stop using that
spray when one has a cold. Here is a relevant quote:

<<Recently, the role of intranasal fluticasone has been investigated in a
large number of patients with the common cold. By various methods, a virus
infection was confirmed in approximately 75% of cases. In terms of symptom
evolution, no clinical benefit was observed between placebo recipients and
fluticasone-treated patients. An intriguing observation was that fluticasone
treatment was associated with prolonged viral shedding, suggesting that
corticosteroids may boost viral replication.>>

Would doctors suggest that these sprays not be used when one is infected
with a cold?

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iron and allergy

 I am hoping someone with a little more experience at reading and
understanding medical articles could take a look at these articles and
possibly explain HOW iron seems to be involved in this disease process? The
first article speaks to the fact they have found iron ‘leaks’ when there is
too much in the body. The ‘transferrin’ leaks its cargo of iron and this iron
is known as ‘non transferrin bound iron’. You will notice this happens WHEN
the transferrin becomes about 35% saturated.…
b This article speaks to the involvement of iron in *allergic response* and I
am wondering .. "what does it say?"…
Does it say we have a *quicker* response/allergic reaction WHEN the
transferrin is ‘full’ or when it is NOT.. full? Who loves ya. Tom — Jesus
was a Vegetarian! Iron In Disease Iron In Disease

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>>> Medical and Scientific Equipment Sale<<<

Check out our WWW sites for savings of up
to 90% on pre-owned medical, scientific and
laboratory equipment.

We have a wide variety of equipment including
cardiology oriented equipment such as
electrocardiographs, patient monitors,
stress test systems, diagnostic ultrasound
equipment and similar.

Ultramed, Inc.
Gil Groehn, General Manager
email:  ultrame…

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