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the clinical significance of ESR

Can any one explain the clinical signific ance of erythrocyte sedimentation rate. I am a laboratory technician with a degree in medical science working in Thursday Island, Australia.
Brian Tseng.

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"Malignant mesothelioma- Therapeutic Options and Role of SV40"

Dear All,

 perhaps some of you might be interested in that conference…

 April 20-21, 2001; The University of Chicago Gleacher Center,
 Chicago, IL; M. Carbone & N. Vogelzang

 for more info: k…


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antibody query


I was wondering if anyone could help. I am looking to stain Langerhan Cells
in Canine tissue, on paraffin sections. Specifically looking for MHC class
II activity.
Does anyone know of any antibodies that stain for that.
Or do you have of any antibodies that can be used in staining for a


Colin Nixon

Dept of Vet Pathology,
Glasgow University

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museum buys books, posters and equipment relating to science fighting crime

Looking for  back issues or bound volumes of
American Journal of Police Science, edited by
 the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory,

Also will purchase books showing how to use
bullet comparison microscopes, finger print cameras,
hair and fiber comparison microscopes, etc., etc.

Think of it this way, if it is using science, medicine and gadgets  to solve
crime we need artifacts,ephemera and books for our museum display.

Will pay cash or trade goodies!

Thanks  Ed Sharpe, Archivist for SMECC

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Ineed to Know the requeriments for give the board Test in Pathology

I.m recently in Austin Tx, USA   and Iwill be glad If someone help me to
Know about the requeriments to get information about the requeriments (
aplications. Tests, etc) I was a Pathologist in my country and I was
working in the largest Hospital in my country  (Lima-Peru)
Ximena Fernandez MD… Pathologist

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BRAINS WITHOUT BORDERS – your no. 1 entry point to the world of science.

We invite you to take a look at this great new Gateway to the online world
of science. Searching for science on the Internet has never been more

Sincerely Yours
Knut J. Egelie

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RE: vCJD prionics test

Today there is not aviable test in alive animals. The test that I now is
PRIONICS. Is a complex procedure composed of three steps. The brain sample
is digested with protease enzime, it destroys the normal prion(c) but dont
attacks the variant prion(sc). The result of the digestion is running in
gel, it separates the intact prion(sc) and the prion(c) fragments digested.
Now the proteins are transfered from gel to other material where the prion(c
and sc) are marcked with specific labeled antibody. The patters resulting is
compared with positive and negative controls. This is called rapid test, and
in Spain will start to use next january on all slaughter cattles older than
24 months.

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Coulter Glassware

Are you having problems locating a supplier for scientific glassware…
well for 28 years i have been manufacturing  the full range of
glassware  for all the Coulter instruments.

visit us at


we can supply most glassware needs, also a full repair service and
manufacture to your specifications.

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random allocation

Dear everyone

I’d like to study random allocation in toxicological study or carcigenocity
Do anyone knows random allocation in those experiment?
Please teach me this method.


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