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Beware of your information on usenet!

Welcoming Ed Conrad to please let us know what his argument was!!
Some would not let him speak his peace…

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Searching for list of Symptoms for all diseases and disease probabilities

Hello all,

   Can someone point me to a free database of the probabilities of all
diseases and to a database of symptoms for each disease?
   I am researching how to validate the quality of data/input on the
web and wish to rate what my web visitors may enter against what are
known measures. I found surprising little so far and that is probably
due to not knowing how to phrase my question to the search engines. I
did find a tabulation of proabilities for chronic diseases
( and the IDC-10 codes
which enumerates all diseases but these will not make my system
complete. I have found viruses mapped to symptoms but am looking for
this by each disease.

Thank you in advance,
Tim Jowers

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Fungal Infection on penis?


I hope my question is posted to an appropriate group. If not, I
apologize and please refer me to the correct group.

About 2 months ago I noticed a cluster of four very small (about 1 mm
diameter) sores on the glans of my penis very close to where the glans
meets the shaft. In the same general area, there are several much much
smaller red spots. The sores are reddish and pinkish in color. The
sores are not painful, have no peeling, and could possibly be mildly
itchy but its hard for me to say for sure that the itchiness isn’t all
in my head.

At first I thought little of it and waited for about a couple of weeks
for the sores to heal on their own. When their appearance didn’t
change at all, I went to see a GP. He gave me a brief visual
examination and told me that he thought it was a fungal infection for
which he told me to treat twice daily with clotrimazole cream. He also
ordered blood tests for HSV1 and HSV2 antibody tests both of which
came back negative. I bought the generic brand of clotrimazole and
used twice daily for 10 days and noticed no improvement. I returned to
the GP and he prescribed something called Nystatin and Triamcinolone
Acetonide Cream, USP which he said was a bit stronger and contained an
anti-inflamatory. He also ordered blood tests (at my request) for
syphilus, AIDS and several other STDs all of which came back negative.
I applied the new cream twice daily for almost 2 weeks and again saw
no improvement. During this time, I was on a backpacking trip through
europe (which would have been more fun had I not been constantly
thinking about my fungal infection). I wasn’t always able to shower
each day and sweated considerably. Also, I wasn’t always able to store
the cream at "controlled room temperature" which may have affected its
biological activity. During this time I noticed 1 very very small sore
on the shaft of my penis and close to it, a small white bump that
looked similar to the ones on my scrotum where hair follicles grow
from. I also noticed veins on the underside of my penis where the
glans meets the shaft (about 3 mm long) that may be redder than
normal. Also there is one of those white bumps that looks like a hair
follicle in that area too. I don’t know if the new symptoms I noticed
were always there or if I only just noticed them later because I was
looking down there more often. Upon the advice of another traveller, I
started to use a type of baby powder with an anti-fungal agent which I
purchased at an italian pharmacy. I used that twice daily for about a
week and there was no improvement. At times I thought there was
improvement but I was probably fooled by the baby powder. After this I
stopped all treatments and returned to the USA and saw my GP again. He
gave me another brief visual examination and admitted that he really
didn’t know what I have. He refered me to a urologist but I can’t get
an appointment with him until a month from now. Until now, none of the
sores I have noticed have healed or even changed in appearance.

I should also mention that I cannot recall ever having athlete’s foot
my entire life. Then, much to my surprise, 2 days ago, I discovered
red irritation and peeling between my pinky and ring tows on both
feet. I’m guessing this is athlete’s foot but there isn’t any
itchiness and burning associated with it. In fact, the only discomfort
I experience is when I spread my toes with my fingers, there is a mild

The genital condition is causing me significant anxiety and I was
hoping someone on the net could give me some insight as to what I have
and any possible treatment as I really can’t wait another month to see
the urologist.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your advice,


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A Time to Return to TRUE SCIENCE…

Now that I’ve — at least temporarily — silenced my critics
in and sci.anthropology.paleo, I repeat:

The theory of the evolution of man is the Mt. Everest
of lies and cover-ups.

It has gotten this far only because of deceit, deception,
collusion and conspiracy by members of the Scientific

They prefer highfalutin’ nonsense — could be, would be,
should be — instead of facts and physical evidence,
which is what science is supposed to be about.

They can deny and demean the petrified bones, teeth and
even soft organs (some human) that were discovered
between anthracite veins.

But it won’t make them go away.

You see, they’re the concrete evidence that the Carboniferous
Period — some 280 million years ago — was not at all
what science has long taught and preached, let alone
a mindboggling catastrophe that apparently blew apart and
buried man and animal alike..

You’d think it’s about time for a serious investigation,
a time to return to true science.

Ed Conrad


Man as Old as Coal


The evolution of man:  Greatest conspiracy against truth in the
history of science.


>                  ~~  MAN AS OLD AS COAL  ~~
>          (Evolution Kaput in Wake of Startling Evidence)          


> (Strata geologically dated at a minimum of 280 million years)

This specimen was identified as a petrified human cranium,
a skull with the eyesockets broken off, by the late Dr. Wilton
Krogman, one of the world’s leading human anatomists and author
of "The Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine." He is shown
examining it in the second photo. Moments after the photo was taken,
a medical doctor walked into the room at the Cooper Clinic in
Lancaster, Pa., and Krogman invited him over to see "the oldest human
skull ever found."


A CATscan of the above specimen revealed a second protrusion
that isn’t visible to the naked eye. It showed it is located precisely
where it would be expected to be found in a human cranium.
That report follows:


This specimen also had tested positive for the presence of Haversian
canals under microscopic scrutiny. Additionally, American Medical
Laboratories in Chantilly, Va., performed testing of calculus analysis
by crystallography and revealed that it contains "a composition of
dried blood intermingled with a few small crystals resembling calcium
oxalate dihydrate."

That report follows:



Another petrified human skull — this one embedded in a boulder
that weights some 3,000 pounds. It was found within 100 feet of the
previous skull and a year later, also having come from between
anthracite veins in Schuylkill County, Pa


A microcopic photo of granules removed from the specimen
reveal the presence of Haversian canals. This is the same
specimen that was emphatically denied as being bone by
the Smithsonian Institution. It earlier had stated that
microscopic examination of the cell structure is required,
then ignored that test completely and responded by saying
it had performed "x-ray analysis" which, it deceitfully claimed,
confirmed that the specimen is not bone. The fact is, "x-ray analysis"
is not an appropriate test to determine whether an object is bone.



A petrified human femur still in shale, a near-cousin to coal, which
also had been removed from between anthracite veins. Portions of
the bulb ends have broken off.



This specimen was identified as a portion of a tibia by Wilton
Krogman. It contains Haversian canals, the telltale sign of bone,
embarrassing Andrew Macrae, then of Calgary University, who had
performed fraudulent testing for cellular structure. For his test
results, he had used a meticulously prepared ground section that had
been prepared from a rock or concretion.


A scanning electronic microscope (SEM) was used to examine
the inner surface features of this specimen to compare it with
cadaver bone at the same power magnification. Here are the
SEM photos at 2,000X.


This is the same specimen that Andrew Macrae played fraudulent games
with. He then posted photos of ground sections on his web page,
claiming they were views of the cellular structure of the specimen and
insisting it wasn’t bone because no circles (Haversian canals) could
be found. However, the photo beneath it taken later shows it DOES
contain circles — Haversian canals — and, therefore, IS petrified
bone. It was just one of several fraudulent scientific and/or
deceiving tests conducted on some of these specimens by members
of the Scientifiic Establishment. The photo on the left in the
following URL is what Macrae posted. The next two show what
a ground section really looks like.


Additionally, American Medical Laboratories had performed calculus
analysis by crystallography on this particular specimen and reported
that it "consisted predominately of dried blood and protein."
That report follows:



An assorment of miscellaneous specimens, primarily portions of
petrified mandibles (jaw bones), found between the same coal veins:



A human lung, petrified:



A pair of petrified fetuses. The large one, which has been
transformed to a coal-like substance, measures 6 1/2 inches
in length.



A petrified gall bladder, with a CATscan later revealling the
presence of a gall stone inside.


This is one of the specimens that was tested by American
Medical Laboratories via calculus analysis by crystallography.
It revealed the specimen "consists of a few small pieces of dried
blood," adding that "none of the constituents normally found
in urinary calculi are present." (which comes as no surprise since
the specimen it tested is petrified).
That report follows:



Portion of dinosaur foot embedded in anthracite-bearing shale:



This was the very first discovery of petrified bone in coal-bearing
Carboniferous strata in June 1981. It resembled a giant skull and
the Smithsonian expressd an interest in examining
it personally. However, its experts dismissed it as a rock or
concretion without any testing whatsoever, not even revealing that
a microscopic study of cell structure would accurately identify
whether it is bone. Later, a pair of petrified teeth — a premolar and
a canine — were found inside the jaw area. One was subjected to an
infrared scan which revealed its origin is that of a bone or a tooth.


The premolar that was found inside the jaw area:



A petrified handcrafted wooden handle, which has been transformed
to anthracite, found between coal veins.



A portion of petrified bone still in slate (or shale), near cousin of
coa, that confirms the bone is older than the material in which
it is embedded:

- — -


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Pneumonia – Was It Treated Properly?

My mother recently passed away of pneumonia in Florida.  She was 89,
strong with
no concomitant illnesses and no prior hospitalizations.  I am
suspicious that she was not treated properly.

She was admitted to the ER with a white count of 39,000 and a clear
x-ray.  After 18 hours on antibiotics (levaquin / ceftriaxone) the
count went down to 20,000 but an xray now showed pneumonia which
progressively worsened over the ensuing days.  She was in the hospital
for over two weeks and the count hovered around 20,000 the entire
time.  No changes whatsoever were made to the antibiotic regimen.
Creatinine and BUN were in their nomal ranges.  Two days
before the end she took a sudden turn for the worse and her white
count shot up to 41,000 and finally 45,000.

Am I missing something here?  It seems counterintuitive to allow a
white count of 20k for an extended period.  Wouldn’t that just
guarantee the creation and multiplication of resistant bacteria?

Thanks for any replies that might clarify this for me.

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Re: Oh, my, the floodgates are open

- — -

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 18:59:26 -0600, "Besq" <B…> wrote:
>"David Sienkiewicz" <david.sienkiew…> wrote in message
>> edcon… (Ed Conrad) wrote in message
>> > On 23 Jun 2003 19:03:47 -0700, david.sienkiew… (David
>> > Sienkiewicz) wrote:

>> > >"danton77" <danto…> wrote in message
>> > >> Why is it that sane persons get the blame

>> > >Philip can hardly be called "sane."

>> > >> and the loons that destroy these
>> > >> groups get defenders? Yes, it would be
>> > >> wise to let them post their ramblings, but still it should be
>> > >> who are flooding the groups.

>> > >Everyone who posts or responds to threads (including this one) that
>> > >are off-topic can be legitimately accused of flooding a group.  The
>> > >difference is that if Ed’s posts have anything to do with this natural
>> > >history of mankind, whether you agree with him or not, he’s posting
>> > >topically.

>> > >> The next step
>> > >> is that somebody starts pleading with them to stop this.

>> > >Pleading with Ed doesn’t make him stop.  Exposing him causes him to
>> > >stop or, at least, to retreat for a time.

>> > >I have mentioned a specific case that I am aware of in which a child
>> > >read a post of Ed’s, went to his web site, and used it as a reference
>> > >for a science report that he had been assigned.  Using Ed’s site as a
>> > >reference, he wrote and submitted a report that said that the current
>> > >paradigm was wrong and that man was 280 my or so old.

>> > >He got an F.

>> > >As I understand it, the child in question read a post of Ed’s that had
>> > >appeared in a newsgroup and did not see a rebuttal.  I don’t know
>> > >which newsgroup.  The child in question did not recall.

>> > =================================================


>> What was that about ridicule being "the argument of the mob," Ed?

>> Why is it that that never seems to apply to you?

>> Just curious.

>> > The school boards of ALL schools in America deserve the F.

>> > They have bowed to members of the self-proclaimed arrogant Omnicient
>> > Academia who claim they know all

>> Really, Ed?

>> Who in academia makes such a claim?  Can you cite anyone in
>> particular?  I’m not interested in comments by someone claiming
>> someone else is saying something. I want to see proof that properly
>> attributes the claim.

>> Can you provide that, Ed?  Or were you just making another speech?

>> Let me tell you who thinks they’re omniscient, Ed – it’s people like
>> you.

>> Oh, I know, I know, everyone else sees how silly that is; but if YOU
>> pretend as much as you do that your ignorant prattlings and
>> premeditated frauds are the "truth," what is the basis for that?

>> > but really knows nothing — yet
>> > have the audacity to cram the crap of the evolution of man into
>> > schoolkids’ heds.

>> Well, the problem is obviously that as soon as anyone gets specific
>> about this, you tuck your tail and run.

>> Frankly, Ed, I’m utterly and completely convinced that you are a liar.
>>  I’m convinced that you manufacture some of your "evidence" and
>> misrepresent other pieces of "evidence," all to support your pathetic
>> views that are the result of your hate of science and scientists for
>> exposing your "big story" over two decades ago.

>> What a waste, Ed.

>> > The evolution of man is a joke, and the denizens of
>> > and sci.anthropology.paleo act like third-graders, giggling as
>> > they would to a fart machine.

>> Would you care to actually DEBATE the specific evidences for the
>> evolution of man, Ed?

>> We know – the answer is "no."  You are a coward and a liar.  You rely
>> on speechs, ridicule and satire, but nowhere do we ever see real
>> EVIDENCE from you.  You are a fraud and, worse yet, you are pathetic.

>> > One thing you haven’t seen too often from me, Stinky, is the
>> > word G-O-D. But be damn sure the human race wouldn’t
>> > be here without the intervention of Intelligent Design.

>> How can I be "damn sure" of that, Ed, if you people who advocate such
>> things won’t provide even one piece of evidence?

>> Oh, you can repost your silly list, showing pictures of rocks and
>> carefully posed "lab reports" that are fraudulently represented.  None
>> of that is evidence, Ed.

>I believe it is evidence.  They exist.  We know that "science" won’t look at
>it because it may shake their carefully built theories so they set out to
>squelch anyone who  poses a threat to them.  There are thousands of
>"anomalies" that turn  up and when the finders attempt to learn about them,
>they get the same run around that Ed is getting.  He’s been lied to,
>ridiculed and the "scientists" refuse to even look at his finds for fear
>they might have to tell the truth.  Ed has the evidence, set in stone.
>"Science" doesn’t want to address it.  Michael Cremo has a book in print,
>"Forbidden Archaeology" that details the anomalies.  He managed to get it in
>print.  But you won’t read it, you’ll only ridicule it to gag anyone that
>might question "science".


You said it all, Besq, whoever you are. And thank you!

I wonder WHEN Attorney Stinky is going to admit he’s on the payroll
 of the Scientific Establishment, making a hefty salary to act like a
whacko. WHO is he trying to fool?

I REPEAT: He has made all of these allegations and accusations and
character assassinations without ever examining even one of my

Ed Conrad


Man as Old as Coal


- — -

>> I’ve said it before, Ed – I think you DO believe your rocks and
>> concretions are evidence of "man as old as coal."  You’re not lying
>> about that because you truly believe it.  But you DO lie about
>> everything else.  Your INTENT to lie is clearly demonstrated by
>> manufactured claims years after the fact, as well as new claims that
>> come out of the blue, particularly about those long dead.

>> The bottom line is that you’re a liar, Ed, and none of your speeches
>> and evasions can cover that simple little fact.

>> > The dozen best carpenters who ever lived — together — could’t
>> > craft such a super machine as the human hand.

>> Ah, but engineers could certainly come up with better designs, Ed.

>> (Carpenters don’t do the designing, Ed.)

>> > How about the brain? The body? The universe?

>> Do you REALLY want to get into the specifics of the construction of
>> the human body?  Don’t look now, Ed, but you are inviting debate.
>> Will you actually be able to debate.

>> Ed, take a look in the newsgroup and see what is
>> going on with the discussion of the retina in the eyes of the squid
>> versus the retinas in the eyes of humans.  The retinas of squids are
>> more efficiently designed than those of humans.  What kind of
>> intelligent designer would make such a blunder?

>> > Awesome, incredible things DON"T happen by accident.

>> Science doesn’t operate by "accident," Ed, and neither does nature.

>> > I said before and I’ll say again: You, Attorney David Sienkiewicz,
>> > are a well-paid hit man for the Pseudoscientific Establishment.

>> And I’ll challenge you again, Ed, to prove it.

>> You even said you’d write the GAO and demand that information.  You
>> seem to think you know something about FOIA, Ed.  Why haven’t you
>> invoked it, gotten the information and presented it?  It’s not like
>> you haven’t been challenged to do so.

>> The fact is that you made it up, Ed.  You’re a liar.

>> > Your duty is to spend 20 hours in front of a computer, character
>> > assassining anyone who challenges the theory of the evolution
>> > of man.

>> No, Ed, my self-imposed mission is to expose frauds.  You’re a fraud,
>> Ed, and I have exposed you.  I haven’t done it alone, of course, but I
>> did provide something of a novel approach.  While the science folks
>> were refuted the rocks and other claims about what you have found in
>> nature, I exposed your documents as misrepresentations and likely
>> forgeries.  The difference is that it’s possible you could mistake
>> your rocks; but it’s not possible to mistake a lab report.

>> You’re a liar, Ed.

>> > Your cannonballs, obviously, have to be headed this way,  since
>> > I have the physical evidence that proves your theory is prepostrous.

>> No, Ed, what you have is a bunch of rocks and lies.

>> That’s all.

>> > This explains why you have been carrying on like a maniac.
>> > If I make a sharp turn, you’ll break your nose.

>> Oh, I don’t know, Ed.  I’ve been pretty calm through it all.  You’re a
>> fraud and I think you should be exposed whereever you present your
>> frauds, and that is where I differ from the others who are driven by
>> their hate of you, their hatred of others who disrupt their little
>> niches, and their desire to control an environment that is really
>> beyond their control.

>> But that’s really the only difference between them and me, Ed, and it
>> will stay that way.

>> > That kid you mentioned may have gotten an F for his project.
>> > But you deserve a Z as a member of the human race.

>> The last physical I had, Ed, proves me fully human.  I’d send the lab
>> reports, but they’d likely appear in the newsgroups at some time after
>> my death and you will claim that they represent something other than
>> what they do.  That’s because that’s what YOU do, Ed, because you’re a
>> liar.

>> All of the vitriol you toss my way is useless against me, Ed.  Hateful
>> and small-minded opinions are only effective when the person has
>> respect for your opinions.  No one with an ounce of sense has any
>> respect for yours, Ed, and besides, isn’t it you that keeps telling us
>> that "ridicule is the argument of the mob?"

>> < snip >

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Re: SMITHSONIAN — Champion of Truth, Integrity, and Vision in Science– and we all know that's a crock of bull

On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 03:06:44 +0000 (UTC), Cyde Weys
<vze23…> wrote to

>Ed ConraX wrote:
>> Folks, had to change my header again.
>> kept bouncing it back when it read: "Good evening, Smithsonian."
>> Longer head also sort of moved my name out of vision.

>Maybe you should take that as a cue that YOU’RE NOT WANTED HERE, instead
>of changing headers to get around the block?!?!

>David Iain Greg, can you get rid of him once and for all?

I don’t know what they’re so mad about.
It’s only their Empire that’s collapsing.

Ed ConraX
  Man as Old as You Know What

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Hormonic hairs!

I’m a 21 year old girl .I have some unusual ,black,thick & long hairs
grown between my breasts (about 10 -15),under  my belly botton(about
10).They have been appeard since I was about 18.Please note that I
have an almost regular period. I visited a doctor & she advised me
Electrolysis or Laser .But I’m looking for a more permanent way to
destroy them by their sources.e.g some kinds of nutrients may help me
It may helps U to know ,my family have a nutrient habit of having lots
of meat  & they may have lots of hormones. Sth else that may help u,my
armpits  sweats abnormally much.I have no specificdisease but some of
my mom’s family have got Diabets.

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megablastic anaemia

I have the above anaemia, fr which I was prescribed Iron tablets and a
2 weekly injection of B12 for 2 weeks followed by 1 weekly injection
for 4 weeks, unfortunately I had a reaction  to the injection and am
now waiting for an appointment from the hospital , If I need this B12
because I am deficient and I can’t take the injection, How will they
administer it and what is likely to happen next?
Thanks in advance

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Hello, I am a 2nd year medical student in Nice, and I would need some
help about a research I must do for school (please forgive my

I have a case here of a Rosai-Dorfman woman. The interesting thing is
that the nodes are present in the gastrointestinal tract, which is
quite rare for a RDD.

I have found some articles on the net, but I haven’t got enough
material yet to write a 20 page text (with photos, and a first part on
the electronic microscope technique). Moreover, I can’t find any other
case of gastrointestinal RDD (I only found skin and brain).

Can someone give me some advices on where I could start to look
(sites, journals, articles, all advices are welcome)please ?

Alessandro (dia…

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