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Advice for a young pathology lover

Hello.  I’m half way through my 3rd year of medical school.  I’ve been trying to decide on a residency for a while and all roads lead to pathology.  All but
one, that is.  My only concern is the job market that appears bleak for all
specialties.  My school thrusts large amounts of propaganda at us to go into
primary care.  I feel as though I COULD do primary care, but I’d MUCH RATHER
do path.  So I can choose between doing what I want, and not having a job, or
settling for something I don’t want as badly but is more secure.

I know nobody has a crystal ball and I doubt anybody will talk me out of
path…but I was interested in knowing how people felt about this issue
outside of my state.  I’m especially interested in what the private sector
thinks…that’s a viewpoint that is hard to obtain within medical school.

Thanks in advance for any insight you mihg  (might) offer.

Ross Keener

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One Response to “Advice for a young pathology lover”

  1. admin says:

    Dear Mr. Keener:    

        Although none of us, either in university or private practice, can
    accurately predict the future of the availability of positions in the
    field of pathology, I believe that those who feel a dedication to the
    specialty should enter it.  If one considers entering a primary care
    area with reluctance, simply for job security, it may be better to go
    into a non-medical career that you enjoy more.  I also feel that it is
    best to seek a residency program that will give you the broadest
    background in pathology, allowing you to make rational choices as to
    private vs. university practice, AP vs. CP as a primary endeavor, etc.

        Don’t abandon hope.  Get involved in the decision-making processes
    of your chosen profession.  When you enter residency, learn about the
    residents’ groups in the College of American Pathologists, the American
    Society of Clinical Pathologists, and others.  Too many of us have
    simply let things happen in the past.

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