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drug hair test

can you suggest me names of labs that test hair samples for presence
of drugs ?

Thank you


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  1. admin says:

    Dionisio Acosta wrote:
    >         I am looking for a set of IVGTT data (normal, diabetic, labelled, etc.)
    > on which I can test some models I am working with.  I would be very
    > grateful if you can point me out a source from which I can get this
    > data.

    Try Bingley PJ, Colman P, Eisenbarth GS, et al.  Standardization
    of the intravenous glucose tolerance test for use in prediction
    of insulin-dependent diabetes.  Diabetes Care 1992.  There is no
    volume and page because my reference shows it in press.

    Charly Coughran

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