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[ Posted on 28 Nov 1997 03:42:05 GMT ]

As many of you in this newsgroup know …I have worked my fingers to a nubbin
to expose the fakes, frauds and liars within state and federal bureaucracies.
My main target has been the EPA –those folks, under the leadership of the
most dangerous woman in America–who politicize vitally critical health issues
that affect each and every one of us thru the air we breathe, the water we
and the policies set forth under the Clinton-Gore dis-administration.

Today is a day of Thanks. My Thanksgiving was made complete by the
EPA’s announcement (on the second slowest news-day of the day) that it is
issuing a " New Consumer Warning on MTBE: Cancer Data on Gasoline Additive
is expected: Agency is Concerned about Water Contamination."


Quoting from the PR Newswire: " The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
is prepared to issue a new health advisory citing cancer data and drinking
water contamination relating to MTBE, the increasingly controversial gasoline
additive that has been widely accused of causing health problems.
  Informed sources in Washington say that EPA’s new consumer advisory on MTBE
will be issued in early December.
  The EPA is expected to cite rodent tests in which cancer effects were found
when high levels of EPA were used. (Here’s the important part) The agency will
make consumer recommendations on how to minimize contamination of water by
MTBE, focusing on advice to help remove taste and odor problems ( Editorial
opinion: how about getting rid of this poison instead of trying to eliminate
early warning signs it is there?)
  If the EPA issues the expected advisory –which is described as
 unenforceable–it will mark the strongest action the government agency has yet
taken in regard to MTBE, although EPA recieved complaints for the past several

I would just like to remind folks in radio and television that the so-called
"right-wing Hate-Talkers of KSFO" are engaged in direct, meaningful and
desparately needed discussion of the liberal agenda under Al Gore and his
side-kick Carol Browner on REAL environmental issues.

And let us not forget that the same EPA in California destroyed all scientific
documents relating to dissension among it’s own scientists on the issues
of MTBE and Smog.

We are making a difference. We will continue to make a difference.
I personally have spent hundreds of hours in research, preparation, and
political action to make sure that our government can "hear us now".

Talk radio provides an important counter-point to government propaganda.

..And yes, sometimes even mainstream media pays attention. But usually
after trying to destroy the credibility of the messenger –instead of
investigating the message.

Thanks for your time in reading this post …

Melanie Morgan, Hottalk 560 KSFO

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