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Help for Daniel

Who can help a 22 year old student from Romania who is infected with

This young man has been already operated twice and a hydatic cyst was
extirpated every time: first time the cyst was extirpated from his left
lung (about 5 years ago) and the second time it was extirpated from his
liver (6 months ago). Unfortunately, both times the cyst broke open
during the operation.

In Romania, where he lives, there is not any cure for this disease,
apart from the surgery that he has to undergo every time a new cyst is
formed somewhere else. The doctors have told us (his family) that once
the cyst is located on the brain, nothing can be done to rescue him, so
at 22 years of age, this young man faces death!

We desperately hope that there is somewhere in the world a cure, either
medication or  a treatment that he can get in order to be cured of this
terrible disease.

We will appreciate any information or help that anybody can give us in
finding a cure, and we will do anything possible to obtain it,
regardless of how much it costs. We have limited material resources, but
we will spare nothing to save his life.

Thank you.

If you can help us with any kind of information, please write to:

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