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Herbalists: do ANYof these listed herbs cause bleeding?

The patient has been diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera ,
Thrombocytosis, bleeding diathesis.

She is being seen by western doctors and also wishes to pursue
Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Her hematologist told her that  -
chinese herbs will make you bleed.- .

Primary question:  Do ANY chinese herbs cause bleeding?  Second:  do
ANY chinese herbs have ANY effect – negative or positive on the above

This  Chinese herbal formula is proposed:

Radix Bupleuri          ch’ai hu
herba menthae           bo he
radix paeoniae albae    bai shao
radix codonopsis        dang shen
poria                   fu ling
fructus lycii           gow qizi
radix polygoni m’lora   shou wu
pericarpium citrireti-
culatae viride          quing pi
cortex albizzae         he huan pi
radix polygalae         yuan zhi
bulbus lilii            bai he
radix glyyrrhiazae      gincao
fructus jujubae         hong zao
flos chrysanthemi       ju hua
pseudo ginseng          san qi
radix rubiae cordifloiae –      qian ca gen

Thank you for your attention.
Please followup to ALT.FOLKLORE.HERBS or
Email Direct.


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