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I Need Your Advice

I’m praying someone can help me with this.  I have always wanted to follow a
career in thanatology, and/or the death related sciences such as embalming,
organ and tissue harvesting for donors, forensic/criminal pathology…
Paying for school never came easy and I was in and out of colleges with
scattered classes.  I have collected about 30 credits experience in Mortuary
Science at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, and worked for the
better part of a year in a cryonics/tissue and skin center until they had to
downsize, and I was out.  I have fallen off the path of school having taken
on a full time job.  I need to work in my field – its in my heart and I cant
waste anymore time off  the path to my career.  My question is, can anyone
here point me in the right direction to get back on the path?  Does anyone
have knowledge of any entry level jobs or anything I can do to get back to
this field, in any manner?  Talk to me, help point me in the right
direction, because I dont have a support system around me or much guidance
for this.

Can anyone assist?  I live on Long Island, New York, and am willing to
relocate anywhere on the east coast for the right oppurtunity.

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