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Low-grade stromal sarcoma

I recently had a hystorectomy and the fibroid was found to have ‘low
grade stromal sarcoma.’  

The choices I’ve been given are as follows.

1) Have surgery to remove my overies & go on progestrone as a protection
from the cancer spreading. The cons of this: no estrogen to protect from
things like heart disease, osteoporosis, etc.

2) Don’t do anything and be closely monitered. The pros are no loss of
estrogen.  The cons: if the cancer were to spread there wouldn’t be as
good of a chance to stop it as it progressed.(i.e. by the time it was

By the way, I’m an otherwise healthy, active 40 year old.

I would appreciate ANY information or advice that anyone may have.
I am especially interested in knowing the potential side effects of long
term Progesterone use.


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