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Need Help Urgent


I’m calling from Brazil, desperate to find any additional information
who could help to diagnose exactly the medical “problem” undergone by
my sister in law, as the medics here at the hospital don’t know what
can be the cause of the problem. She is 40 years old, and has never
drunk, smoked or used any drug.

It all started yesterday (March 26th), after she used some medicine to
unstop her nose (the names of the medicine here in Brazil are SORINE
and METACORTIL, the last one having cortisone as the base of its
composition – I’m not sure if the first one also has it).  Just a few
minutes after that her breathing got heavy and very difficult. She was
immediately taken to the hospital, and yet in the way there she had a
respiratory and a cardiac arrest. After 3 hours, she was conscious
again. Two hours later the medics suspended all the pressure control
medicine given to her, already judging it unnecessary, but she was
still needing to be kept on a respirator.

The medics told that her brain lacked oxygen for about 1, 1 and a half
minute. She also had a pulmonary edema. They also diagnosed acute
sinusitis and an nose inflammation, but both already controlled.

After she woke up (5 hours after she was taken to the hospital), her
body was almost entirely paralyzed. She had the left eye open, being
open to move the eyelid, but the right one was close and she couldn’t
move it. She also couldn’t control her head, face, arms and legs,
except by the feet. Some hours before that, she wasn’t able anymore to
control the feet. Not much time before the only eye she could move
closed, and she wasn’t able to move it anymore. An important detail is
that she has been lucid since she woke up, being able to recognize
people by their voices, to answer questions etc. (the questions were
answered by movements of her feet and left eyelid, while she was still
able to move them).

Today (March 27th) she is still totally paralyzed, but not under any
life risk. The medics already analyzed her spinal liquid, and did other
exams: tomography, toxicology and urine, all of them showing nothing
abnormal which could be the cause (or help to find the cause) of her
medical state. Being the medics still impotent to make a consistent
diagnostic, I’m hereby, and with the agreement, support and being
suggested by them, asking for any information about a similar case, or
anything else who could help with the diagnostic. Please send me any
help you can give. I’m already thanking for it.

                                Danielle Fortes Lopes
                                E-Mail: For…

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