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New Support of Explanation of Breast Cancer: Smoking and Breast Cancer

New Support of Explanation of Breast Cancer

Copyright 2003, James Michael Howard, Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A.

Two articles add support to my hypothesis regarding testosterone in women and
breast cancer.  (Find "An Explanation of Cancer and the Increase in Cancer,"
about the middle of .)  That is, I suggest
increased testosterone is involved in triggering cancer, including female breast
cancer.  In the first article from the January, 2004, Journal of the National
Cancer Institute, U.S.A., you will read the finding that "active smoking may
play a role in breast cancer etiology."  The second article demonstrates that
smoking in women is connected with increased testosterone.  "Current smokers had
the highest testosterone concentrations with decreasing values in former and
nonsmokers (p = 0.0001)."   Again, I suggest this adds support to my explanation
of the mechanism of cancer and I invite you read my article.

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