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Help! My father fights for life –

                My father has debilitated greatly in the past 4 years from benign
tumors (schwanoma) located on the 5th and 7th nerves at the base of his
brain.  He was misdiagnosed twice, and has recently gotten worse – He
has survived against miraculous odds in the past, and I am trying to get
him to a doctor (neurologist or other) ,  special organization,
publication, database, e-mial address or web-site , or anything that
might be able to help.  We are racing against time and we don’t want to
lose him – please send me any info. you have – Unfortunately, I don’t
have an e-mail address- Please call me days anytime  at 1-800-742-8326
(x 68371) – my name is elana epstein or call me collect or leave a
message with your number at 617-965-4709.  You have no idea how much you
could help –

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