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PAIN:dealing with it

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PAIN-L for all aspects of *CHRONIC PAIN*,
    including HEALTH & HEALING.
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This is a fully moderated [edited] Conference/Seminar/and online Magazine.
[Articles are also posted here occasionally by me and others.] The primary
FOCUS of PAIN-L is always "CHRONIC PAIN" and discussion includes the
following range of topics and objectives.


     [1] Strategies for healing, remissions, coping.
     [2] Medical methodology for healing.
     [3] Philosophical approach to pain, health & healing.
     [4] *Politics* for dispatching health services and care.
     [5] That which causes unnecessary pain & suffering.

   "The Birth and Death of Pain"
   Whatever triumphs still shall hold the mind,
   Whatever gift shall yet enrich mankind,
   Ah! here no hour shall strike through all the years,
   No hour so sweet as when hope, doubt, and fears.
   ’Mid deepening stillness, watched on eager brain,
   With Godlike will, decree the Death of Pain.
          [Dave Morris]


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