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Pediatric Radiology Digital Library update

Dear medical colleagues,

As part of an RSNA Scholar’s Grant, I have just completed revising and
expanding my pediatric radiology digital library,
( which is a catalog of the 139
pediatric radiology Web sites on the Internet.

The goal of is to turn the Internet into a
productive reference and teaching tool for radiologists practicing
pediatric radiology.

Several new features have just been added to

€ Search – you may now search the contents of just the pediatric radiology
sites on the Internet. The address is:

€ Common Pediatric Clinical Problems – for common pediatric clinical
problems you may now easily find:
a. Imaging approaches to them
b. How to perform common pediatric radiology procedures
c. Imaging appearances of common pediatric diseases. Here, the
MetaTextbook of Pediatric Radiology serves as a catalog of the 1,366
pediatric radiology teaching file cases on the Internet, drawn from 45
different teaching files, which cover 77% of the SPR’s Curriculum in
Pediatric Radiology for Radiology Residents. This can be found on the home

€ What’s New – If you are interested in learning of new pediatric
radiology Web sites or of significant changes to known pediatric radiology
Web sites, you may subscribe to a mailing list which will automatically
inform you of such changes once a month. Look at

I think this pediatric radiology digital library may be of use to you,
your fellows, your residents and your medical students. Feel free to use
it for reference and teaching.

All I ask for in return from you are your comments and feedback. After
using, please take a moment to fill out a comment
form at:

Finally, I would appreciate you notifying me of any new pediatric
radiology Web sites you may create in the future so I may catalog them.


Michael P. D’Alessandro, M.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Radiology
Children’s Hospital of Iowa

Michael P. D’Alessandro, M.D.                
Assistant Professor of Radiology, Children’s Hospital of Iowa
Digital Librarian-In-Chief and Architect      
  Virtual Hospital/Virtual Children’s Hospital/Virtual Naval Hospital              michael-dalessan…

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