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Re: Drugs to subdue, rather than kill

R Wiess wrote:" Our department has a policy of shooting only to protect
>life(ours or others, or both), while another department might have a different
>policy. I just want a description of the events so I can lay out the
>feasible alternatives.
>        So why should we use drugs to terminate life threatening behavior
>(lawyer term) when a gun can be so much more effective? And have you thought
>about the liability issues that a department can get into using drugs on
>people? Besides, they are not always effective and could still lead to the use
>of lethal force, is it ok then?

>Just some ideas, but without more info from the original poster this
>discussion is useless."

This is the further info.A fellow by the name of Gould took a sergreant
hostage in police HQ.His marriage had brocken down,and he’d lost his
farm.He stayed inside the station for 7 hours,during which time a police
negtiator talked to him.After getting the sergeant to type out a will for
him,he walked out into the deserted street.By then it eas 2am.The police
formed a semi-cicrle around him,and walked across the street towards
him,yelling "Drop your weapons".When they were about 15 feet away from
him,he raised his hand.The police opened fire.He was shot a number of
times in the legs,and in the chest.
By-standers say that he raised his hand to shield his eyes when a bright
light was shone into them.
The police took a huge risk in getting so close to him.I suspect that the
intention was to get close enough to disarm him.There were about 15 in the
group.Shooting when so much at risk must have been an instinctive reaction
to his raising of his hand.
There has to have been a safer way.Zoo vets regularly sedate large animals
from adistance (including primates).The risk of an adverse reaction to a
sedative must be less than the risk of some-one being shot dead,whether
the armed person (who isn’t necesarily a criminal) or he police.
The coroner will probably want to make some suggestions intended to lessen
risks to all concerned in any similar situation.Does any-one have any


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