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Red Cell Disease Lecture Syllabus

Dear colleagues,

I would like to make the latest revision of my lecture syllabus on "The Red
Cell and Anemia" available for anyone who wants it. This deals with the
routine CBC and the pathogenesis and diagnosis of anemias. I have now made
this into a single document in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. You will need
Adobe’s free Acrobat viewer to view or print it.

The file is 234K and decodes into a 51-page formatted document of over
19,000 words, with 39 footnotes and 18 original line art illustrations.
This year’s revision is version 2.0, and it’s mostly cosmetic (I changed
the font from Times to New Century Schoolbook and put it in hierarchical
outline format to mollify the more anal-retentive med students). Look for
substantial content changes next year.

Kim Solez and Michele Hales at the University of Alberta have been kind
enough to make this file (and most of my others) available on their site.
The URL for my stuff is:

I will not be able to send this file via e-mail, since its size violates my
provider’s 100K restriction on e-mail attachments. Sorry.

Copyright (c) 1996, Edward O. Uthman. All files may be used freely for all
noncommercial purposes, including education of medical students and
residents. Commercial use is allowed only by prior written consent of the
author (uth…

My apologies to those who subscribe ot multiple mailing lists and received
more than one copy of this notice.


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