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Software for image processing, analysis & archiving, !!

For more than 5 years we are focusing our business activity on development of
the software for medical image processing and analysis and implementation of
the computer analysis methods in medicine. We have developed 4 basic software
packages (Windows 3.1 95 & NT compartible):
VideoTesT-Morfo – software package for morphology, density, and stereology
analysis of the medical images (cells, tissues, thermography, X-ray, gel
images, etc.).
VideoTesT-Album – simple and convenient Image Data Base.
VideoTesT-Karyo – software package for chromosome analysis.
VideoTesT-3D – software package for 3D reconstruction (only Russian version is
NEW! VideoTesT 4.0 – new powerful software package for image analysis, various
VideoTesT-Capture – provides image acquisition and processing. Images are
acquired from powerful Digital Imaging System.

For more information:
Ista-VideoTesT   E-m: vi…
Russia 197198 St.-Petersburg  P.O. box  176
Tel. +7(812)210-9667, Fax +7(812)325-6494
Contact person: Alla Povarkova

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