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    rpale… (Richard V. Palermo) wrote:


    >The signs of parasites in the human body
    > …… itchy ears, nose, anus

            I get itchy ears and nose every spring from pollen.

    > …….men: sexual  dysfunction
    > …….forgetfulness

            Try keeping track of 10 analyzers in a medical lab, and see how well
    *you* remember.

    > …….slow reflexes

            You mean like those associated with MS, or with brain tumors?

    > …….gas and bloating

            You haven’t tried refried beans lately, have you?

    > …….unclear thinking
    > ……..loss of appetite

            Are we talking about the same loss of appetite found in morning
    sickness, emotional disturbances and enteric viral/bacterial

    > …….yellowish face

            Check out someone with liver disease sometime.

    > …….fast heartbeat

    .       … such as with atrial tach or other electro-conductive cardiac

    > …….heart pain

            Ever hear of an acute myocardial infarction?

    > …….pain in the navel

            Ask my wife about that one…

    > …….eating more than normal but still feeling hungry
    > …….pain in the back, thighs, shoulders

    .       … from poor posture?

    > …….lethargy

            Get up at 5:00 am, come home to a 5 year-old girl, and a partially
    deaf toddler, both of whom wake up around 6:00 am on your days off.
    Tell me about lethargy.

    > …….numb hands

            From carpal tunnel syndrome?

    > …….burning sensation in the stomach

            Sorry, but H. pylori is the gastric darling at the moment.

    > …….women: problems with the menstrual cycle

            You mean hormonal disturbances don’t count?

    > …….drooling while sleeping
    > …….damp lips at night
    > …….dry lips during the day
    > …….grinding teeth while asleep

            Stress will do this, too. My wofe ground her teeth during her PhD

    > …….bed wetting

            And my daughter did this while tolet training.

            All of these symptoms have other causes in addition to parasitic
    infection. Unless this is a shameless shill for some anti-parasitic
    treatment, a more informed list should be presented.

    >Everybody Is Sick – In North America today, almost everybody is ill. If you look at your family, friends, and co-workers, and question them very carefully (because so many people deny there is anything wrong with them), you will find that virtually everybody has a health challenge, many of which are significant.  How many of the people you know over the age 45 are on blood pressure medication or medication of some sort, to balance their blood sugar perhaps even on insulin?  How many people do you know in their 20′s and 30′s who are suffering from chronic fatigue, and many of them may not even know it because they think they are normal?  They think it’s normal to have to go to bed at 8:30 p.m. every night, and it’s normal to sleep until l:00 p.m. in the afternoon on Saturday, jut to get through the weekend.  How many people do you know in their 40′s and 50′s that have recently died of cancer?  

            Oh, good. And here I thought I was too healthy, not having felt ill in
    several months.
            Now, if you want me to read the rest of this, post it in a 40 column

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