Pathology and laboratory medicine

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It is extremely important that you not publish any base pair or amino acid
sequence that is unique to a specific ethnic group.   Remember that the
information you publish today could be used 10 or 20 years from now.

In particular, sequences unique to Sicilians or Italians should be closely
guarded.   The growing hatred among large portions of the America medical
community produces the motivation for the creation of a weapon of mass
destruction.   Do not add opportunity to motivation.

Admittedly, the identification of a usable ethnic specific protein is less
than 5% of the effort involved in the creation of a targeted fatal pathogen,
but there is no sense in giving them even that one step up.

To any disappointed lurkers:  ending the slavery of 15 million is not worth
the death of 60 million+.  Do not become the evil that you hate.  We are
listening.   If you are looking for a ray of hope, read the divine comedy,
canto 3.

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