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Web page on Treatment of Prolactinoma has PCO links

There is a new web page on  Treatment of Prolactinomas.  A
prolactinoma is a type of pituitary tumor that causes increased
levels of the hormone prolactin.   If not treated this causes loss
of periods and infertility (usually temporary, reversed by
treatment) in the female due to the high prolactin switching off
the ovaries.  It may also be associated with a type of polycystic
ovarian disease where the natural estrogen is low instead of high.

If you are a patient with high prolactin you may wish to take a
look.  If you have a web page that covers infertility, pituitary
tumors,  or polycystic ovarian disease you may wish to add this
link to your page.


Treatment of Prolactinomas

This site provides extensive information on the treatment of
prolactinomas.  Most is from selected abstracts from medical
journals, some from personal knowledge learned as a relative of a
prolactinoma patient.  There are some links to external sites.  
Intended to provide accurate information to patients but might
also be of interest to doctors, particularly those treating this
condition infrequently.

Extensive information on treatment of prolactinomas.  Most from
selected medical journal abstracts, some from personal knowledge.  
Also external links.

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macroadenoma, microadenoma, cabergoline, quinagolide

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