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"X-Files" consultant sought

To any and all interested individuals. . .

I am an aspiring film and t.v. writer, currently possessing a passion
for the Fox television show "The X-Files."  I am also currently writing
several speculative scripts for this show myself.  I intend to get them
sold, and thus am making this proposal:

If you are a scientist, pathologist, chemist, etc., or student of such,
or person who makes such his or her hobby, I’m looking to meet you for
the possibility of being a consultant on the more specifically
scientific aspects of my scripts.  It would be great to develop a
repore by which you not just answer my questions but actually
contribute your own creative ideas and suggestions.  In either case,
your input would be an integral and vital part of the completed

Now, I am in no position to provide financial compensation at the
moment, but have no problem, if you so desire, to make a formal
contractural agreement by which you would receive compensation upon the
purchase of the completed material.  It would be great to establish a
relationship that could continue for years to come, and could lead to a
professional consulting job for you.

All I can offer now is my friendship and assurance that this goal is
within my grasp, within our grasp, and that the "X-Files" will continue
to skyrocket in popularity, with many more years of syndication and
inevitable movie deals in the works.

If you are curious, interested, or just want to rap about the show or
other stuff, please respond.

The truth is out there.

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